Report: Titanfall Beta Due Mid February

Report: Titanfall Beta Due Mid February


A source within French retailer Micromania may have spilled the beans. Or should that be haricots?

If these pictures are to be believed, Titanfall will have its beta test this February. It seems like only yesterday ... well , it seems like only a couple weeks ago we were talking about alpha trials. Truly, time flies when you're having mech-related fun.

The leak comes courtesy of Micromania, a French wholly owned subsidiary of GameStop. Since this is coming from a retailer and not the developer or publisher it can't be regarded as official info, but let's face it: if this thing's going to meet its March launch it needs to test at some point before then. Still, beta? What about those invite-only alpha trials? At what point does this stop being testing, and start being advertising?

Titanfall's due early March 2014 for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter


pc beta ? or are we going to get looked over again

Yes... "beta". Because the game totally hasn't gone gold by then. Nope. Not at all.

So this is going to be like the BF4 and 3 Beta then, what you see will likely be better than what you get once money is placed down.

Fair enough EA, gives me a chance to play the game before I don't buy it.


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