inFamous: Second Son Cam Gameplay Footage Makes Its Way Online

inFamous: Second Son Cam Gameplay Footage Makes Its Way Online

Cam footage of inFamous: Second Son from its China press tour has been posted online and shows five-minutes of raw gameplay.

Possibly Sony's biggest PlayStation 4 game for Q1 2014, Sucker Punch's inFamous: Second Son is on a press tour in China and we're fortunate enough that cam footage has cropped up online that shows protagonist Delsin switching between powers, throwing projectiles and more in this five-minute video.

Revealed at Sony's PlayStation Meeting in February 2013, inFamous: Second Son is set seven years after the "good" ending in inFamous 2 where original series protagonist Cole MacGrath activated the Ray Field Inhibitors (RFI) to destroy the Beast. In the third installment of the franchise, players control Delsin Rowe who comes in contact with a Conduit that awakens his own hidden Conduit abilities.

Make sure you catch our xclusive interview with Sucker Punch's Chris Zimmermane to know more about the open world action game.

inFamous: Second Son is set for release on March 21 exclusively on the PS4.

Source: ETtoday YouTube via OPM


Alex Co:

You should probably put that inFamous 2 spoiler into a spoiler box.

OT: I can't wait for this game, March is shaping up to be a really good month for games :D

The protagonist looks like a homeless art major... I miss Cole.

I think we have confirmation that this game is going to be awesome

The protagonist looks like a homeless art major... I miss Cole.

He's from Seattle, so your assumption is probably correct ^.^

We now have an official new addition to the elements of the earth.

Earth, air, water, fire... NEON. But seriously, that neon run looks wackidactyl.

Looks like a major improvement over the first 2 games.

I'm hesitant since I don't care for 1 and 2, but this looks better. I'm waiting for a few years from now, when we're all saying "Remember when these were top of the line graphics?"

I think Stephen Colbert accurately summaries my feelings right about now...


Seriously this is the game that made me buy a PS4/get one for Christmas. Lucky Chinese.

Dire Trout:

why am i gettign seriuos prototype flashbacks watching this....
i want this.

the finger scanning mingame looks bad though, i hope it can be avoided.

P.S. jsut noticed this thread has 143 pages, wow this looks like very popular news item.
strike that, apparently forum bugs strike again.


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