DICE Declares February "Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month"

DICE Declares February "Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month"

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Bonus XP, free shortcut bundles, and a-Battlepack-a-day highlight the community celebration.

As far as launches go, Battlefield 4 was more Bay of Pigs than D-Day. DICE frantically tried to fix bugs as EA's stock took a dive. But now, as things are on the mend, DICE has decided to celebrate the battle-hardened veterans who have stuck with them until now. First, they asked players for input on future balancing, and now, it's declared February "Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month".

Starting February 1st, players will begin earning a host of goodies. First, they'll earn a Battlepack every day they log in, which come with camos and XP boosts. Playing on a weekday will earn you a bronze Battlepack, while logging in on the weekends will earn you a silver Battlepack. To earn a gold Battlepack, you'll have to participate in the new global DICE Community Missions, which are special challenges to unlock.

In addition to all that, there will be two new shortcut bundles that will be free downloads for players who want to go ahead and get the good stuff. Also, every weekend will be a double XP weekend, with an added bonus for Premium players. It's like pizza and ice cream every day. Anyways, it sounds like a pretty solid deal for players who aren't suffering from chronic instability issues.

Source: Battlefield 4 Blog


DICE is just coming across like a really needy spouse now.

Instead of 'player appreciation month' and throwing useless crap at us to make out you're somehow sorry, admit that you totally stuffed this release (with EA's help) and instead, get to work making sure Battlefront doesn't suffer the same fate.

Because if you mess up Battlefront, you may as well add yourselves to the list of now defunct EA studios.

I remember back in the good ol' days of vagueness, when in the multiplayer FPS world Double xp weekend was every weekend, and there was no such thing as a Premium Player (Seriously?). What happened to the first person shooter? (don't answer that)

*reminiscent sigh*

By the way, February is now appreciation of awareness month.

oh, does it mean they have fixed the problems? NO? nevermind then. still have to wait until its fixed. still lagging for me that its unplayable.

Well it seems they will try anything except actually fixing the game.

But... as a good number of bugs and problems are the same as in BF3 I think DICE has once more proved that all their game engines are all looks but no brains. I mean, eff me, effin hit detection in BF games was broken since BF 1942 and now more than 10 games and 10 years later it is still not working properly.

Still costing $30, along with their promised DLC being the same price, the game bugs still not fixed?, yeah I still don't see myself buying into this, especially since 3 is still somewhat expensive with little to no differences between the two and 3's DLC which is multiplayer by now will be half dead since the community will have moved on as you do with COD or BF DLC's, why not just rename Multiplayer only DLC as "holidays" because people spend so little time on them and next thing they're all hopping to another map pack only to leave the first forever dead in the water, and this isn't something only console players do, the same happens on PC.


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