The Wolf Among Us Episode Two Receives New Red Band Trailer

The Wolf Among Us Episode Two Receives New Red Band Trailer

Bigby Wolf isn't very happy after the events of The Wolf Among Us Episode One.

The wait for Smoke & Mirrors, the second episode of Tellate's Fables game The Wolf Among Us, has been pretty excruciating. Most of this, of course, owes to the fact that this second entry in the series has taken quite some time to come out. Thankfully, Episode Two's February release window is drawing ever nearer, making it more than possible that within the next few weeks we all know what happens next. If you're having a hard time waiting until then however, Telltale has done gamers the solid of releasing a new trailer for Episode Two to help keep you sated until the actual release.

The "red band" trailer basically just shows Bigby Wolf getting angry and tough as he investigates in the wake of the horrifying conclusion of Episode One. All of this is, of course, punctuated by the protests of his fellow fables that are understandably a tad disturbed by Bigby's more violent tendencies. The trailer also features some other interesting snippets like a brief conversation with the ever-rascally Jack Horner and a peek at a continuing subplot involving the Fables version of Beauty and Beast. There's also the teeniest bit of partial nudity toward the end, so you might want to make sure you don't watch this around the easily offended.

Overall, it's a decent trailer that does a good job of selling the dark, somewhat seedy tone that The Wolf Among Us seems to be going for. That said, it might have been nice for Telltale to just go ahead and put Smoke & Mirrors' release date in it somewhere. February might not be that far away, but it would still be nice to know exactly what day we should be getting excited for.

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I'm not gonna watch it, too afraid of spoilers >_<!

Please let the next few weeks go by quickly, I wannit! I wannit so bad :(

Nice Massive Attack remix...

This trailer was... AWESOME! It makes me not able to wait even more! I can't wait for episode 2 to come out. I mean... I have been waiting patiently for far too long already. But, I'm now more confident than ever that perhaps the wait has been worth it.


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