See Star Wars Original Props In All Their Tattered Glory

See Star Wars Original Props In All Their Tattered Glory

Lucasfilm Archives have been off limits since 1997, but this photo archive gives you a taste.

A long time ago at a ranch far, far away Lucasfilm kept its prop archive, including models, costumes and other assets from pretty much everything George Lucas made. Back then visitors to the archive could wander the shelves and paw at whatever crumbling bit of cinematic history caught their eye, but from 1997 onwards the Star Wars and Indiana Jones stuff was off limits. The pictures you see here are only a small fraction of the 237 photos, dating back to 1996-7, that the Original Prop Blog managed to secure. Feast your eyes, and ask yourself: can that really be the stuff of so many childhood memories?

It's not entirely clear what happened to the Archive when Lucasfilm was bought out by Disney. There's talk that Lucas managed to keep the collection and could be about to house it in a permanent museum. Maybe, maybe not, but in any case enjoy the memories. After all, it's all CGI from here on out; props like these are historic in more ways than one.

Source: Original Prop Blog


Did you see the pictures where they released all the props and sets from the newest trilogy for viewing, it's really cool:

Want. I want it ALL! If I was forced to chose just one thing, I think I'd go with the helmet. Yes, I'm picking the helmet over the lightsaber and blasters. I have no idea why. Probably because I always found the space combat so much more entertaining than anything else.

So true about CGI now, and so sad. I find the action scenes to be better in the original trilogy because they were using props, therefore they had to get creative. Plus, there wasn't so much noise on the screen like there is in the prequel trilogy. Does anyone know why this place was closed off to the public?

Stuff like that needs to be taken care of and placed in a museum for everyone to see. These are pieces of cinematic history that belong to the world. They shouldn't be collecting dust in a dark room. Hoping that Disney or someone in the film industry takes the charge to take care of these items like they did with Ray Harryhausen's stop animation figures and artwork.

Gotta handed to the visual effects team for the original trilogy, they did a fantastic job. A lot of that stuff is kinda crummy as is, but they made it look good on film.

If I was Disney I would have expressly bought the entire collection so I could put it on permanent display in museums at the various Disneylands. People would visit from the world over to see 'em.

Oh man. What I would do to get just ONE of those pieces....

Riff Moonraker:
Oh man. What I would do to get just ONE of those pieces....

well you can still pick up things like the production storyboards for around $350-400 at the prop store.

fair warning its a bad store for your wallet


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