Disney Making Live-Action Chip 'n' Dale Film

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And now we shall have a new generation of furries arise thanks to cg Gadget.

Why make it a cgi hybrid? Are they going to make the detective with the bulldog the human character that teaches the chipmunks how to detect?

okay after thinking about this I've decided to be tentatively optimistic about this project.

first while other live action cgi mash ups have been pretty bad Disney is no stranger to mixing animation and live action together and are unlikely to make that the whole point of the movie meaning we may get some decent story and characterization out of it

second unlike Alvin and the chipmunks or smurfs it actually makes sense to do this based on that world. It's been a while since I've seen rescue rangers and correct me if I'm wrong but though they talked to each other I'm pretty sure they didn't talk to any of the humans. They used things from the human world and sometimes saved people and animals but there was a kind of sense that there were too separate worlds there. if they can do a who framed roger rabbit and use the two different styles to build two different but entwined worlds that the characters have to move between than that could be pretty compelling.

Third Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen. Disney has been on something of a roll.

of course when a trailer comes out I may eat those words but for now I'm hopeful.

No. Nonononononono! *starts sobbing* Leave my childhood alone! Please! ENOUGH!

Cue the films focus moving away from the Rescue Rangers and focussing on human characters -

A kind of goofy guy and a girl he is either with or inevitably falls in love with and he/she/they/someone in their neighbourhood has a cat. Who is fat.
They discover the cat is actually some criminal mastermind who kidnaps them, the Rangers show up, the humans are confused with the concept of talking rodents, they get rescued and help the Rangers foil Fat Cat's plan, dull commic hijinks along the way - the guy will have cake or something catapaulted into his face at some point... It ends with the two humans falling in love/having kids and the Rangers disappear into the night.


You heard it here, I f*cking called it.

One of my favorite cartoons in the past.
A origin story feels unnecessary, that was covered by the first few episodes after all. On the other hand I remember the show from my childhood and while they are definitely betting on the nostalgia factor to draw more viewers, children today will probably be unfamiliar with it.

The problem with the cgi hybrid approach is for me that they are likely using that to force some plot about a human (most likely some shy awkward guy that tries to get together with a woman)in the movie and turn chip n'dale into sidekicks.

I'm not a fan of Rescue Rangers. I can't say I really enjoyed it even as a kid. I did watch many of the episodes and even had a few on VHS, I think. But it was never my favorite show or even close. Maybe it was like Captain Planet where I watched it because it was on?

However, I can't help but fear for this movie based on this information. Why can't I shake the feeling of the Under Dog movie?

When they came to make a CGI reimagining of Alvin and the Chipmunks, I said nothing because I was not a fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks. When they came for the Smurfs, I said nothing because I wasn't a fan. But, then they came for Chip and Dale.

OT: If I felt that there was any chance that this would be good, I wouldn't be so fatalistic...but it's probably going to be terrible.

if they can do a who framed roger rabbit and use the two different styles to build two different but entwined worlds that the characters have to move between than that could be pretty compelling.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to think of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". Disney has done plenty of quality live action+animation movies, (Pete's Dragon, Mary Poppins, Song of the South, etc.) and I think people are jumping to conclusions, confusing the opinions of the article's writer with Disney's game plan.
I'd like to think that Disney has enough pull to get Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck on board, it would be a fun way to justify why woodland critters wore clothes (but not pants... never pants...)

I have the feeling that my childhood is about to be raped again by Hollywood....

I hope to see Fat Cat in this movie He is my favorite Villain! And I love Rescue Rangers!

I think they should have done a Darkwing duck movie instead.They could have used The Rock as Darkwing.I always wanted to see that little girl from Ducktales team up with Goslayn No offense I think Hooker is cute as the neighbor boy but would be fun to see some girl power.Now that the real Miss. Beckley is dead maybe Webby could be living with Launchpad ,Drake,and. Gosalyn I bet Gos could teach her a few things lol. I think it would different instead of the cheap rip off of Alvin and the chipmunks no offense I liked the Alvin and the chipmunks movie I grew up with the cartoon but Chip and Dale never became very popular.I think Disney should look into some of its cartoons for live action they could be real money markers.

Imperioratorex Caprae:
Meh, I'll go as far as to say it can't top my memories of Rescue Rangers... and the awesome NES game that the series spawned.

Sudden thought, perhaps this movie will prompt a remake of the Rescue Rangers NES game ala DuckTales.

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