Matador to Offer Isometric Roguelike Mech Action

Matador to Offer Isometric Roguelike Mech Action

Stellar Jockey's mech game Matador will feature permadeath and "semi-random" events to keep the game tough and challenging.

One of the sad facts of the video game world is that there just aren't enough isometric mech combat games. Go ahead and try to name a few off the top of your head. Sure you have Front Missions and your Mechwarrior 3050, but recent years haven't really produced all that many notable games with an isometric view and giant robots doing what giant robots do best.

Matador, in turn, might just be the correction to that problem we've been waiting for. A product of the indie studio Stellar Jockeys, Matador aims to offer an isometric mech combat experience complete with roguelike permadeath, "semi-randomized challenges", and destructible environments. "Progression comes through unlocking new options and equipment for the next run," says the studio's website. "There is no XP, there are no saves. When you die, start over and try, try again."

With Matador's reveal trailer having just recently been released, it's probably too soon to call this one a must buy. That said, if you're a fan of top-down-at-an-angle action or just fall into that category of gamers who just love to blow stuff up with kick-butt mechs, you might want to keep Matador in your sights going forward.

Source: Stellar Jockeys


I know it's pessimistic of me.. but the 8-bit throwback era is over now we are going to diablo/fallout throwback style... this isn't exactly the originality the rise of indie developers was promising :(

Front Mission isn't technically "Isometric", I'd argue. The view in that game is indicative of nearly every single turn-based (or non turn based) strategy game by simple fact that it is the ONLY view that works. Said games require an overall view of the battlefield in question, that isn't blocked because there is a mountain there or a building, and more often than not it actually tends to go into either Over-the-shoulder views or zoomed in shots. It isn't an isometric game at all.

Mech Warrior 3050 on the other hand? Yes. That is an actual isometric game.

This game however? Far from interesting... I do like the idea, but it's so far drawn back that the mech looks bland, and honestly I doubt they'll be able to promote much visual differences with such a style either. I a man who loves to see the equivalent of 100+ missiles just waiting to be fired on my mech's shoulders compared to some other dinky mech with a gun arm. Then again, Armored Core and Front Mission have spoiled me in that regard.

And as an aside, I'd blame Square Enix and Double Helix both for the death of such games myself. Square wanted to "revive" Front Mission, and Double Helix wanted to make a crappy armored core knock-off that lacked the variety of even the PS1 era AC titles. All I have left now is Super Robot Taisen (the rare releases outside of Japan that is), and Front Mission 4. I would say 5, but again... Square chose to release the abomination known as "Evolved" rather than localizing and paying for just some text to get changed and release Front Mission 5.

So just as it has been for plenty of Sega games, I must rely on intelligent individuals taking the time to translate and crack the games for others to use and be able to play.

No saves... Yeah, I remember a time in my life when I could sit down for four or five hours and just game. But, today? Maybe once a month. The rest of the time, not so much.

No saves... Yeah, I remember a time in my life when I could sit down for four or five hours and just game. But, today? Maybe once a month. The rest of the time, not so much.

If it lacks a save system, I very much doubt it'll last any longer than an hour or two at most. From the tiny bit shown, it looks like they throw you onto a small map, give you a few random objectives, then you play until you die or complete it then that's it. Start new game, use new stuff, die or play again, repeat ad nausaum.

Also, FINALLY another mech game that isn't multiplayer online combat only.

This sounds interesting, I'll definitely keep my eye on this as theres far too few good mech games. Reminds me of Mechcommander actually :-)

I like my isometric games to be turn based so the view has some value.

The concept has me quite intrigued but the video leaves quite a bit to be desired. I'll keep my eye on it though as I'm a sucker for most mech games.

That is looking pretty sweet.

Only minor point is that all the explosions look exactly the same.

Design lead on Matador here; if I may, I'd like to clarify a few things:

@Flutterguy -- our style on the game arose as a combination of necessity and taste. We're not trying to ape the styles older games, though they've certainly been a positive influence, it just happens we like that particular art style and it fit within our budget to produce it that way. As for 'originality', I should hope you'd reserve judgement until we're able to present a clearer picture of the gameplay.

@Starke -- we're in the same boat, and @cursedseishi is correct, we've planned for runs to last at most an hour.

@oldtaku & @RicoADF -- cheers. I hope you guys find Matador to be worth buying as we're able to release more info.

@Valderis -- nature of the beast when it comes to trailers. The finished game will have plenty of variety in explosions, but since we have to begin pushing publicity months before the game is done, we have to make do with what assets we've been able to finish thus far. Multiple varieties of explosions is low on the totem pole when it comes to finishing a game.


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