Update 2: EA Dismisses Dungeon Keeper Mobile Criticism

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The fact that companies can get away with scamming people like this drives me nuts. Heck just the level of manipulation on display here is mind boggling. Why do people put any faith on big companies at all it beyond me

Bleh. I'll say this again: If you buy from EA, it's your own damn fault. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 4583 times...

The sun is bright, winter is cold, summer is hot, EA trys a shitty despicable tactic to make money, gets called out, does mental reasoning only a psychopath could understand, keeps getting called out, people hate EA, makes money and moves on to next game and the cycle repeats itself in 2 months. Boycott EA if you really care and don't make an excuse to buy that one single title you might like from BioWare. There are alot of games out there now and BioWares quality is no longer unmatched in video game story telling department, has long since been well passed by infact, so don't buy them.

Bleh. I'll say this again: If you buy from EA, it's your own damn fault. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 4583 times...

This, this, this. Shame on the gamer community for allowing this cancer to thrive. Get some willpower.

Compatriot Block:
This guy's career is probably over if he speaks out against it, especially so early on.

Maybe keep that in mind before anyone decides to talk shit about him personally.

And... I'm okay with this. When you are put in a position of responsibility, and you mess up as bad as this, you should be held accountable. That's how the real wrold works. Besides, if working on a blatantly anti-consumer product is the best he can do then he doesn't have a career worth saving. The game was broken and fundamentally dishonest on multiple levels. The man has no dignity, and thus deserves no respect.

Harsh? Yes, yes it is.

Dear the makers of these app stores, don't the companies have any say or influence on the rating of these games.

Steam, for all it's flaws, forces every game to have a metacritic score and an independent user review system to give consumers some idea if what they are getting is any good.


Fucking douchebags. Everything about this stinks. "Love our shitty arsecrumbs or tell us why not!"

Peter Molyneux, the lead designer of the original Dungeon Keeper game, has himself voiced his concerns about the mobile version of the game. "I felt myself turning round saying, 'What? This is ridiculous. I just want to make a dungeon. I don't want to schedule it on my alarm clock for six days to come back for a block to be chipped,'"

Says the man who sold out bullfrog to EA in the first place.


What baffles me is why they thought this game was FOR. Surely anyone unfamiliar or disinterested in the DKeeper franchise wouldn't want to spent increments of time and wads of money there, while anyone who WAS into the kooky Strategy / Management PC titles... well, their complaints echoed before the game even was available.

I suppose while I'm not surprised, it's puzzling and depressing all the same. The larger EA apparatus may be made of baby tears and blood money, but there must be enough smart creative people within the company to point out how things like this might be prone to failure, or is that 20 lashes at the lawn logo at this point?

Maybe it's worse than that. Maybe EA are right, the voices of sanity are wrong and the many heads of the hydra are making mad bank.

I've been putting some thought into that myself.

I found that to be an interesting read. I kinda posed the question as flippantly hypothetical without really putting much thought into the actual answer, besides how incongruous it seems to most avid gamers - the ones who one might describe as 'hardcore' (not for dumb reasons regarding platform preference, but for having both a broad and keen interest in their hobby, following news, keeping informed and generally being analytical of games and the general industry, etc)

I hardly follow mobile or tablet gaming save a few titles that grab my attention or are recommended to me by friends, so I'm functionally aware of it without a rich understanding of comparative success and failure across a breadth of titles. I agree with your thoughts, for what it's worth. I kinda felt I should write a reply after you made that post, though I don't have much further insight to offer.

I do recall a little bird telling me that free to play monetization, in the broadest terms, basically alters the numbers on profitability, in a rule of thumb sorta way, by increasing the user base by a factor of 1500-3000% compared to retail sale players, but reduces the number of paying customers to 5-15%. (Piracy doesn't really factor into these projections)

That's general F2P, mind, though I'd expect the net that casts is behind what seems to, indeed, be EA's strategy to try and fire a free money sink like grapeshot on any recognized brand, presuming that that does pull in that very small group of people who have genuinely possess the money and inclination to make up a massive stake of the profit off such a title. I think I heard that the superfanboys of games in F2P models sometimes will pay out EXPONENTIALLY more than the average paying user.

Whatever plausible business math is behind it though, things like DK Mobile are not really designed as games at all anymore, so much as incentive systems that operate as a variable in a financial experiment with the pleasing tits and lipstick, so to speak. If you value games as worthwhile bodies of art or entertainment, it's fucking vile. I think everyone's on board with that ;)

People on the internet get angry and speak in performative ways about a lot of stupid alleged issues, but I can get behind people rasing irate hell over shit like this, since it acts as a grassroots financial landmine warning.

reading 5star "reviews" on g-play is awesome
majority of them sounds like spambot did it
(some took excerpts from description and slapped 5star rating, while others used single line description, like "amazing", "excellent", etc.)
:D :D :D

rating of this game is a fucking joke.


Bleh. I'll say this again: If you buy from EA, it's your own damn fault. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 4583 times...

This, this, this. Shame on the gamer community for allowing this cancer to thrive. Get some willpower.

Yeah you go tell that faceless entity known as the "gamer community" whats what...

Whats that? Telling of a vague concept like the gaming community has the same effect as booing against a faceless corporate giant like EA?

Holy jellybeans batman!

Serious thought its gaming culture not gaming community. Battlefield fans arent necesary Call of duty fans and vice versa.

Part of gaming culture is sadly buying stuff in the hopes that it wont suck because it either looks interesting or has potential. And not ALL EA games are that bad if youre honest, not necesary good but atleast mediocre... as much as i hate to say it their games have "entertainment" value (well besides this piece of crap aparantly)

Be it Dead space, Mass effect, Dragon age or Medal of honor... those are games with entertainment value. Sure they get bogged down by EA corporate bullshit but there is a game buried in that dung pile that people can enjoy.

Mass effect 3 had a shitty ending that nagged you to buy more DLC... the rest of the game was pretty cool thought.

And i think that is why people keep buying games published by EA... because they see the potential and hope that this time it will be different.

Heh... no wonder the Greeks thought that hope is a possibly evil thing and the last thing remaining in pandoras box.


Says the man who sold out bullfrog to EA in the first place.

To be fair...EA was just a fledgeling evil corp at the time and if anything you'd probably have had a positive view of EA since this would have been from the era where their games still came with an EA "certificate" where they state some nice idealistic lines about how they are a conglomeration of "electronic artists" who just want to make the best games they can that people will enjoy for years to come. So yeh selling bullfrog to EA really didn't seem a bad idea at the time...We didn't know, how could we have known? *gets on knees and cries*

Seriously guys I still remember EA from the megadrive days, what the fuck happened to them? :(

Hey guys, if you want a proper, real FREE-2-PLAY DUNGEON KEEPER you can actually get it on Good Old Games (www.gog.com) FOR FREE right now (as part of their Valentine's Day Promo).

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