Kirkman on Walking Dead TV/Telltale Crossover: Door's Always Open

Kirkman on Walking Dead TV/Telltale Crossover: Door's Always Open

But if you were thinking Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was actually going to admit to anything, think again.

Those of you following the Walking Dead TV series as well as Telltale's brilliant point-and-click may have noticed a tiny shout-out to Telltale fans. At one point early in the season, Michonne starts planning a side trip to Macon, Georgia, which Telltale followers will remember is where Lee and his band of cats-in-a-sack survivors hid for most of Season 1. But is there ever going to be a crossover between the TV show and Telltale's story? Maybe, says Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

"That door is always open for us, though whether or not we step through it remains a big question," says Kirkman. "I certainly wouldn't want to spoil anything cool like that if we had it coming up."

Kirkman and TV showrunner Scott Gimple are both huge fans of the game, and Michonne's Macon musings were a deliberate shoutout to Telltale gamers. But if Kirkman is to be believed, it was just a nod to let people know the show's writers are aware of the greater Walking Dead universe, not a hint of things to come. "It's always fun to come up with those little things."

At least the door is open. That's got to be worth something, though whether gamers really want Lee and Clem's story to change is another question again. The TV show certainly doesn't follow the comic's continuity, and were there to be a crossover there's no way it could remain completely faithful to the game's plot. Would it be a problem, maybe even a dealbreaker, for Telltale fans? For now at least, all we can do is speculate.

Source: Wired


I really wouldn't have a problem with Lee and Clem making the move to the TV screen.

The game is comic universe as I understand it.

Not seen the TV show but I love the games and the comics, having something more interesting than cameos crossover would be awesome. Hell I wanna see Glenn come back in the game and his reaction to pretty much everyone he knew from Macon dying but then we'd be changing the comic's continuity and that would also suck....bleh Michonne meeting Clementine would be hella interesting to see though. It'd affect Clem loads having a role model like her.

Whoa there buddy, as much as I like the TV show and don't intend playing the games you've got to realise something: the needs/wants of the many outweigh the needs/wants of the few.

basically nope, nuh huh, not a chance the fans of just the game will say, not unless it's written exactly like how the game is.

Honestly though it's pretty dumb in this day and age to ask "if gamers want" because we know exactly how that ends up most of the time, especially on gaming forums where the bias is heavy and thick.

No thank you. The game was well written and good. The TV series is Facebook drama with a dose of Zombies. I don't want to have to see Clementine, one of the best young female characters in a long time put in the hands of some of the worst writers in TV history.

If it's just them walking into a super-dense cluster of zombies after the train passed through, then that's acceptable.

As I understand it, the show and comic series are very different animals, with the Telltale games being attached to the latter. I'm not really a big fan of the comics, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the show's run. Following how things have gone so far, even if Clementine did make it into the series, she'd be a very different character. Which I suppose is fine, though I admit I'd rather see them take chances with making more original characters.

Because, you know. Daryl.

How the hell did that show get more than 2 seasons is still beyond me. Goddamn it sucks. It sucks so much. The very idea of mixing the two is an example of just how fuckin' retarded the producers of that show are. They don't know what the fuck they're doing.

this is a terrible idea. why would you want to associate those phenomenal games and brilliant stories with the utter dog turds of that tv show. it's bad enough they're based on the same franchise and have to share a name. the finale of walking dead season 1 is top 10 greatest game moments of my life. I still don't understand how anyone likes that show, after watching the first couple of episodes and waiting desperately for something to happen not in the last 5 minutes of each episode and for it to be interesting I couldn't take it anymore. utter crap.

Not a bad idea. And while your at it you can fire your entire writing staff and just let Telltale handle the entire property... since they've put both the show and comic to total shame. Otherwise, no, don't bother.

Door's always open? Good. That means that Telltale can slam it in your freaking face.

Meinos Kaen:
Door's always open? Good. That means that Telltale can slam it in your freaking face.

This. Just, this.

I've gone throw the first hardcover of the comics (friend lent it to me) and watched the first few seasons of the show (brother bought them, so why not?) and I just don't get what people love about it. Kirkman just isn't a good writer, and I honestly don't see how the 1 mainstream comic book and the only show on television that are "about" zombies (about used VERY loosely) was from him. He is terrible at pacing, and I can honest to god cut out 80% of an episode and not have a single thing be missed in terms of character interactions and plot points. It's padding, plain and simple, and I really wish someone else would make a half decent zombie show to show AMC how it's done.

I thought this is what they were going to do since Michonne mentioned Macon like 3 times or so for the first half of the season. Think this makes even more sense considering what's happening in the season currently. If this happens, I can only really see them doing Lee and Clementine, though I guess that's pretty obvious.

If it does though, people just have to understand that they are probably going to be different. The show changes how certain characters are (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse), so if you are looking for Clementine and Lee EXACTLY as they are, that's probably not going to happen.

They might not do it of course, but the teases so far have just been too much! If they do, then hey, more power to the show. Guess I'll have to keep watching to see.

Who'd have guessed I'd be right on my earlier post, hardly anyone here likes the show but prefers the game, almost as if it were magic or something.

So much hate for the show, so much love for the game, yet at the end of the day it's down to personal opinion.

Who'd have guessed I'd be right on my earlier post, hardly anyone here likes the show but prefers the game, almost as if it were magic or something.

So much hate for the show, so much love for the game, yet at the end of the day it's down to personal opinion.

No, not really. It's down to it being, as George Romero himself defined it, 'a soap opera with the occasional zombie'. Because really, that's all the TV Series is. A watered down version of the comic.

I've been reading the Walking Dead since issue one, and while I have to admit that it's now dragging a little -I wish they'd just kill Rick off already and time skip to an adult Carl as the main character- it's still one of the greatest horror comic books ever. A great comic book series that AMC walked all over. The show has some good idea, like some of the original characters, but the transposition of the main characters went to hell real quick. They sacrificed most of what made them what they are on the altar of politically correct and drama.

For every Darril Dixon, there's an Andrea. This sweet young lady who grows into a badass but still loving and affection sniper-terminator has been turned into a woman in her forties with a nasty attitude because they couldn't let a man in his sixties shag a woman in her twenties, which is also a double standard, because now, from what I read, Darryl is getting it on with Carol. A woman in her FIFTIES.

Also, there's been a general dumbing down of the group. In the comic book, Rick picks up his axe on the first issue. In the television series they realise on the first episode that sounds attract zombies, but it took them two season to pick up some hand to hand weapons?! And oh my god, what they did to Carl!

They couldn't properly recreate that and it's not even as dark as Supernatural. I dread what they're going to do to Preacher.


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