Megadrive Megatron Transforms Into Sega Megadrive

Megadrive Megatron Transforms Into Sega Megadrive

I don't know why it took someone so long to make a Megatron that transforms into a Megadrive, but now it's coming.

Megadrive Megatron is one of those things that no-one ever thought about until someone did, and now we can't stop thinking about how awesome of an idea it is. It's a Megatron Transformer toy, that transforms into a Sega Megadrive, in probably one of the greatest crossover toys for fans of both Transformers and video games.

Sega of Japan originally Tweeted that the toy would be appearing at last weekend's Winter Wonder Festival in Chiba, Japan, and the folks over at CVG managed to snag a few photos of the toy in prototype form. Check out the gallery below:

Obviously, the Megadrive that he transforms into is not a functioning console, but from the looks of the image, Megatron has some sort of USB device on his right arm. Perhaps its loaded up with an emulator and a bunch of Megadrive games for your PC?

So yes, dear reader, this is not simply one of those one-off custom creations that some fan made in his basement, but an official collaboration between Sega and Takara Tomy that will actually be heading to store shelves at some point in the future.

There's no clue on when this thing will actually hit those stores in Japan, or whether or not it will make its way over to the West, but this is definitely one of those days that i'm really, really, glad that I live in Japan. Maybe if you ask nice enough i'll export one for you...

Source: Twitter (Japanese) via Computer and Video Games



Someone give me more money, I have thrown all my money at my screen and nothing has happened, I need more!!!

Lol, this reminds of one Chapter in a manga Called D-Frag. One of the characters was a retro gaming junkie, and found this old console in a pawn shop. They bought it to found out it was a bootleg toy which can transform into a robot.

But does it play sega megadrive games?

But if it did then that would be awesome!

Pity it's not actually a working Megadrive. I'd throw all my money at it.

Then again, comparing the size of the prototype to the actual Megadrive to the right of it, it looks like the toy will be about roughly the size of a Megadrive cartidge when transformed, so yeah, it'd be pretty hard to fit a game in there. Also, I have no idea how it would function with all those moving parts.

What? If its not an actual working console then what's the point of it? If it worked it would have been a cool achievement to somehow fit all those parts in, but now its nothing but a word joke. He doesn't even look all that interesting.


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