PS Vita Slim Borderlands 2 Bundle Coming to The US in Spring

PS Vita Slim Borderlands 2 Bundle Coming to The US in Spring

borderlands 2 ps vita slim bundle

The bundle will set you back $200 and come with the new Slim PS Vita, Borderlands 2 and six DLC packs, and an 8GB memory card.

For once, North America didn't get something video game related first, and its been patiently waiting for the PS Vita Slim, the new slimmed down re-design of the PS Vita, which was released in Japan last year and the UK last week. Well, that wait is now almost over, Sony's head of hardware marketing for PlayStation John Koller has announced the console is coming to North America this spring, in a $200 Borderlands 2 bundle.

For your information, the "PS Vita 2000" (as the Slim will be known as in America) is Wi-Fi only, and replaces the original Vita with one that's about 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter. It comes with just 1GB internal storage capacity (which can be increased with memory cards) and a beefed-up battery life of around four to six hours.

The bundle will include an 8GB memory card, Borderlands 2 and six DLC packs, which are:

  • Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty
  • Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage
  • The Psycho Character Class
  • The Mechromancer Character Class
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1
  • Collector's Edition Pack

Furthermore, for those of you who already have the game on PS3, Sony says that "you can also cross save your progress with your PS3," meaning you can pick up on the Vita right where you left off on your PS3.

"We like to iterate. We like to talk about the fact that the systems tend to evolve," said Koller. "The Vita evolves in many of the same ways that we've evolved other platforms in the past. This one I think is really important, though. This [slim PS Vita] makes it easier to play. It's a slimmer form function and it's just easier to hold in your hand. The LCD is brilliant."

This looks like a nice little bundle, and including a game that takes full advantage of the "cross-save" feature is a good move.

Source: Sony via Ars Technica


Well, this is ... some pretty good news. I already have it on my pc, so I'm not very sure if getting the game on my vita also is a good idea...

It is nice to see they still care about the Vita. :)

Between this, the God of Sly collections and J-Star Victory Vs, I think I may finally be sold on the Vita...not so much for Borderlands but more for the low price, not-terrible memory stick bundled in and...well, I really haven't ever played Borderlands better late than never I guess.

Wow. If I had known that this model would come out so soon, I might not have gotten a Vita and PS Plus on Thanksgiving week. Then again, I don't dare dive into Borderlands for fear of addiction and got $30 off a Vita bundle and $20 off Plus back then.

The older Vita actually feels quite light. It's shaped too thin around the edges for my hands, but a bulky cover fixed that.

Wow, this sounds like a pretty good deal. I may have to pick this bundle up when it becomes available. I've been sort of waiting on a Vita for a while, and this might be what pushes me over the edge.

This is the right direction for the Vita, great game, decent price. Still wont do it for me; I love Borderlands 2 but its one of those games best enjoyed in splitscreen.

Hot damn what a great deal. I wish I would have had that when I bought my Vita.

Still, having Borderlands 2 on the go is good enough for me. I'll be picking it up once it comes out.

The cross-buy is enticing as well. I still have the PS3 version and my buddy and I have been planning to do a new playthrough. I just wonder how cross-play will function exactly. If I can go to his house and play my save on my Vita with him while he's playing the PS3 version, then that's an insta-mega-buy.

And thus my interest in a Vita has gone up immensely. I still don't have one, but have been thinking of getting one, and if it's close to my birthday then yay. Only thing that would cause me to just instantly go out and get a Vita is the fact that the memory cards are still too damn expensive.

Way to make me regret not waiting for the slim to buy a vita. XD

Sounds like a decent bundle. I wasn't too big on borderlands 2, but the kit is still pretty solid. 8 gigs is enough to run the software you can buy in store, though a bit light if you intend to heavily rely on downloadable titles. Hopefully this helps the vita's reception a bit.

Now if they'd just release more PS1 and PS2 classics...

Aurgh...I was interested in BL2 for Vita, till I found out my Surface plays Borderlands 2 amazingly and...has a bloody video out to a TV. I have no idea why they didn't put that feature in the Vita after they had it in all but one model of PSP. I mean literally all hope of it getting a video out is gone as the PSV2000 has no accessory port, which is a bit lame to be honest.

That's honestly a really good deal. Now I'm torn... wait to buy this when it comes out, or buy one now? This comes with pretty much everything I want (a good game, a good-sized memory card, and a new system). But the old version's screen is apparently a good deal better looking, which is a big thing for me. Plus I wouldn't have to wait as long. Honestly torn here.

It's actually cheaper for me to buy this when it comes out than just buying a Slim with nothing bundled in right now.


If I didn't already have one I would get this bundle. The Vita is a lovely piece of tech and this is an absolute bargain.

Wait, this is really going to happen? I'd placed this firmly in the realm of not going to happen, but here it is all bundled up and ready for snow.

... Now I see why Borderlands 2 showed up on the ps+ store on the ps3. This is probably the best news I've heard for the Vita yet.

I really want a vita copy of BL2, but I've already invested so much money (DLC) and time into the PC version that I feel like Gearbox should be paying me at this point.

I'm... still not sold. It's great to see a good, cost-effective bundle for the Vita, but I can still only list the games I want for it on one hand. And to be honest, I was kind of holding out for the Vita TV... if that's even still a thing.


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