AMD Unveils Radeon R7 250X Graphics Card

AMD Unveils Radeon R7 250X Graphics Card

The R7 250X is an old card with a fresh paint job, and that's okay.

AMD R7 250X Graphics Card Angle View

Aimed squarely at gamers looking for low-cost 1080p performance, the $99 R7 250X is a capable card, especially when you factor in the sub-$100 price point. The already low price should go down even further with manufacturer rebates and hardware sales.

The 250X packs 640 stream processors, coupled with up to 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, and a 1 GHz operating frequency. You're also sure to see vendors upping the speed, if only a tad, with overclocked versions of the 250X. With a 95W TDP, a 6-pi PCI Express connector will be required.

If these specs are causing you to have a case of GPU déjà vu, it's because they've been seen in an AMD GPU before. The 250X is a rebadged Radeon 7770 GHz Edition, albeit at a lower introductory price (the 7770 GHz is also around $100, although it launched at $159). Rebadging isn't all doom and gloom, especially if it's bringing the price down on already capable hardware. And with both the R7 Series and the older 7000 series supporting AMD's new Mantle API , you're set as a current 7000 series owner, or a prospective R7 buyer.

The R7 250X is likely worth a look if you're currently running an older low-end GPU, like a cheaper 6000 or 5000 series Radeon.


This and the 260x are the types of card i would prefer to see in a version of lower cost steam boxes. All the £1000+ units are really not in the spirit of the lean, TV attached PC and quite honestly we should be seeing steam boxes for the £400-£500 price range if a manufacturer can get enough traction to do a long enough production run.

I know 99 < 100, but I just can't justify calling it a sub-$100 price point. :/
I picked up a GeForce GTX 650 for $120 just a few days ago, and it seems like the 2 are very similar in terms of performance.

AMD has finally fixed their Dual Graphics tech so it doesn't suck anymore, also. If you have one of the shiny new A10/A8-7000 series CPUs from AMD, you can make the integrated graphics on the CPU work in combination with the 250x for better performance than either of them alone.

The rebadging of the 7xxx series has gone done some good for AMD, letting consumers buy the last series with a fresh coat of paint and a lower price tag. Got my sister an R9 280x for around $400 and has been performing great at 1440p. Looking forward to what they're gonna do next.

I've got a Radeon 7870 Ghz Edition.

The Radeon 270x/280x is the exact same thing, but they scratched off the old name.

The sad part is that I can't do the Mantle stuff unless I spend $300 USD to switch out the name plate.

You know, other sites actually indicate when their news posts are paid advertising masquerading as content. And if it were up to me, there would be a law against doing otherwise and you'd be facing a pretty hefty fine right now, Themis Media.

Just saying.


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