New League of Legends Starter Pack Unlocks Eight Champions

New League of Legends Starter Pack Unlocks Eight Champions

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The starter pack will feature an assortment of entry-level champions plus a few temporary boosts to XP and IP gained by the player.

If you've got a special someone you want to share the joys of League of Legends with, Riot Games has launched a new starter pack to help get new players into the game. Launching today on the game's North American server, the starter pack unlocks eight champions - Warwick, Master Yi, Sivir, Garen, Ryze, Ashe, Annie and Nunu - and throws in a XP boost that lasts for 10 wins and an IP boost good for four wins.

The pack offers a solid mix of characters, featuring long-range and close-range damage dealers, mages and a few tankier bruisers. The total cost of the package is 530 Riot Points, which breaks down to slightly more than $4. If you're a more experienced League player who just hasn't picked up these characters yet, it's still a good deal as the price on the starter pack comes to about the same cost as buying two of those champs separately. The pack will be available on all other League servers in the next day or two, according to posts left by Riot employees on their forum.

So, if you're snowed in this Valentine's Day with your significant other and you still have a decent internet connection, maybe now's the time to introduce them to one of the world's most popular online games. Just make sure you take them through the tutorial a few times first. There's nothing romantic about being Pentakilled right out of the gate.

Source: Riot Games


Most of those champions are pretty fun to play (and snowball with, hi Yi), so this, with its low price, might be enough to get some people on the fence with League to try it out.

Though honestly, I feel that the best way to experience the game is to just pick one of the free champs in rotation and just try to deal with what you get. League has its gigantic walls, and sometimes you need to run into them to realize what you're getting into, especially given how the community is... less than polite.

Was slightly interested in this until I discovered that the only champs in the pack are the 400-500 ip champs that are ridiculously cheap to begin with.

If I was starting from complete scratch though (new account from level 1-10), this would be totally worth it

its nice, but unless your giving them to someone who is very, very new to this. its kinda pointless. but hey if you can bring people into league, this is a nice boost up for em.

And also, no Soraka, aww come on, she was my first character.

This seems better than the intro pack they put out a couple Christmases ago. That one had 5 cheap champs and the Assassin Master Yi skin. A noob doesn't need skins, they need champs and in game resources. This seems to deliver both.
That being said, I wish they'd rounded to an even 10 so they could play all the game modes. I can't remember which, but I think one of them requires you to own >=10 champs. I want to say ARAM, but that might be wrong.

Nah, until all champions are unlock I'll stay away from League and continue Dota where all heroes are unlocked from day one.

It's a complete waste of money as all of those champs are easily unlocked.

Nah, until all champions are unlock I'll stay away from League and continue Dota where all heroes are unlocked from day one.

It's about preferred gameplay style, not champions starting out unlocked or not. Besides this is not a DOTA chat, it's a League one. >.>

Too bad there's no Soraka here, she's really good to learn league off of, in my opinion the best one as it gives you a chance to passively play and learn how the game works.


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