Fox News Links Dark Souls to "Craigslist Killer"

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Don't get me wrong, this is stupid. I mean really really stupid. But for Fox News, the fact that they haven't yet said that Dark Souls is the sole (no pun intended) cause of the murders, is downright reasonable for them

Ok so she is 19 right now.

First murder at 13

19-13 = 6

2014 - 6 = 2008
Or let's take 2013, since DS came out in October so that would be 2007

Dark Souls came out in 2011.

So either she is a time traveler, or he is full of shit. Personally, i go for the second option. But its fox, did anyone expect anything else?

So basically what you have proven here is that murder leads to people playing video games? Which means it's the opposite of what we've always known. Gamers aren't potential murderers, we are murderers and we need to be stopped before we escalate to doing things like playing Dark Souls 2! Thank god someone discovered this.

Fox news you say? This picture sums it up well enough.

I mean, I'll give faux news some credit for being occasionally being reliable for fiscal news, but anything else? Bollocks.

1. Fox news.

2. "We do know that she has an affinity for the fantasy game called Dark Souls, which is a very dark, death-laden video game that's on PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things where there's a lot of killing involved."

That's enough to close the case, put on a "Beware: Lots of bullshit involved" stamp, and call for a /thread.

Have a good night ladies and gents! *Tips hat*

Next from Fox News:

All powerful video games can manipulate time and space to influence the emotions and decision making of people regardless of their relative location in the continuum.

Back in the 80s and 90s I went through changes that eventually left me as a skeptical, cynical asshole with a bleak outlook on life... I BLAME YOU BANNER SAGA.

And the frustrating platforming segments from the original Half-Life drove Dahmer to cannibalism.

Dark Souls didn't come out in 2007.

Case closed.

And there ya go.

But of course you must remember what station we're talking about and the demographic that watches it.

Who let the trolls(fox) out?

"Video type things" sounds like something you'd hear in the 1980's, but then again, I'm pretty sure most of the people at Fox News have never played anything since Pac Man. Not to mention the "Satanic Cult" BS which few people have taken seriously since the 1980's.

Which lends credence to my theory that Fox News lives Perpetually in the 1980's, possibly ruled by Ronald Reagen.

Oh Fox News, at least put some effort into it, this is pathetic even for you.

I'm not even mad, just disappointed really.

Its Fox News only stupid people take them seriously.

She did all that in the name of Dark Souls, and she probably didn't even stop to praise the sun.

Fucking Darkwraiths, man. Not a shred of decency.

That made me laugh just a little too much. I can see it now lol

Oh lord, Escapist is posting about this again already? I want to know, why isn't there a clip for this segment in the article? I briefly checked Youtube, and couldn't find the clip there either.

Am I suggesting that Fox put up some other person to boldly refute the person making these claims, thus making Fox News look (as) fair and balanced (as it actually is if you fucking watch it for once you idiots)? Maybe, but I wouldn't want to claim that people are deliberately only picking out one side of Fox's hosts and guests to continue the bullshit that it's somehow all in favor of one side.

However I DO know that Fox has totally defended video games in the past, and that I neeever saw The Escapist fucking post about it. Since these 'durr hurr Fox news is so shitty and conservative' articles could practically be written in a template, I might as well just copy paste part of what I already posted last week.


I remember when Cod Ghosts came out, Neil Cavuto brought on a lady who claimed that violent games like those lead to violent behavior.

Now, what do you think Cavuto's response to her was? Did he nod in agreement? Did he passionately tell her how right she was? Did he say she wasn't going far enough? Why no, he chewed up and spit out her argument right back at her, pointing out how silly and stupid it was through basic scrutiny.

But was this snip cut out and posted on The Escapist?

Wow, I really wasn't expecting an intelligent and nuanced post on this, thank you.

This is what happens when you sit in an echo chamber surrounded by people who agree with you; you slap each other on the back about how smart and great you are without actually bothering to check on anything.

While there is a lot of death in Dark Souls, most of it is your own

Love this comment, chuckle chuckle :)

....If American news programs are a joke, FOX is the punchline.

I am pretty sure promoting stuff like this as news is a punishable offense in western Europe.

so far she and her husband have been charged with a single murder and have claimed 20+ more. as for the video game connection well serial killers, and violent people tend to be attracted to violent imagery as a rule.

a satanic cult introduced her to killing? ok that raises an eyebrow. there was the whole dis proven satanic ritual killing a decade or so back and this seems to jump onto the band wagon. while its possible shes telling the truth.. yeah highly unlikely

I'm actually glad she is a time traveling murderer.
This way, I'm pretty sure The Doctor will find a way to stop her.

Praise the Sun!

22 kills? Man, she'd better stay away from Anor Londo, the Darkmoons are gonna be all over her to get those humanities back.

OT: Nope. No serious responses to this.

The Tunguska Event was entirely due to a Black Phantom in the upper parts of Blighttown.


I can't even get angry at this kind of shit anymore.

Life is just a ride, folks. The world is fucked and there's nothing you can do but sit back, relax and enjoy the show. FOX News is actually hilarious if you stop letting them niggle you and watch it for laughs.

I don't think he is using Dark Souls to explain why she is a killer but why she is a nut who claims to be the killer. I got the impression that nobody is convinced she has killed anyone.

To be fair, if any game is capable of driving people to murder it's probably Dark Souls.

To be fair, if any game is capable of driving people to murder it's probably Dark Souls.

But not first degree murder. You might get really pissed off and strangle somebody out of sheer rage, but nobody would go "well, this game has the right idea, now lets plan how i can kill my neighbors"..that just wouldnt happen

Do conservative people actually watch fox? or just incredibly stupid people.

I think most of the viewers are just watching it for laughs at this point. It doesn't even seem like their being serious anymore.

In other news: birds fly and fish swim.

EDIT: Or to borrow from Yahtzee. Cows go "moo," sheep go "baa," Fox News blames video games for everything.

Is this Fox's version of six degrees to Kevin Bacon?

Satanism AND video games? It must be fucking Christmas. I assume the terrorists built the time machine to send her the video game in the past. And it was all constructed by zombie Hitler, who with his painting abilities went on to create video games, such as Dark Souls, all to make sure that these killings happened. I mean, that seems to be the only logical conclusion to how these events transpired.

Nah, if it was christmas Bill O Reilly would be doing his "War on Christmas" schtick, but with Atheists, Satanists and fans of Dark Souls conspiring to take away the holiday from god fearin' white christian 'MURICANS. Cause they jelly!

OT: As the grass is green and the sky is blue, Fox News continues it's mockery of the concept of "Fair and Balanced" News. One of these days The Onion will come out and admit that they own Fox and it's subsidiaries. Because I refuse to believe that Fox News lack self-awareness THAT much.

Andy Chalk:
"We do know that she has an affinity for the fantasy game called Dark Souls, which is a very dark, death-laden video game that's on PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things where there's a lot of killing involved."

They should have added the game is about souls.

While there is a lot of death in Dark Souls, most of it is your own

And aren't most of the things you kill are either already dead or big monsters?

There are so many valid arguments against this nincompoopery that i am left with nothing to say other than; ALL HAIL SATAN!!!

1. Dark Souls wasn't out until 2011.

2. "We do know that she has an affinity for the fantasy game called Dark Souls, which is a very dark, death-laden video game that's on PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things where there's a lot of killing involved." Yes, the video-type things. You know, the things. With the videos.

3. Fox News gonna Fox News.

Reading this article gave me a sudden itch to play Dark souls on my video-type thing. . .So I think I'm gonna go do that now

Paradox SuXcess:
Here we go again. Last time it was

"Boy took his father's gun to school".

Then in news report, father comments saying,

"My son took the gun to school because of influence from Minecraft".

So it wasn't because you were a f**king bad parent for not putting away the gun in a safe place away from children and actually being dumb enough to blame a game that has NO GUNS at all in it?


"The Washington shootings happened because the suspect was playing GTA V the weekend before."

Er... The game weren't even out yet and is this a way of you trying to blame video games again angry conservative man? You know the Bible has more violence, sex and obscene act in it than most of the things you see today.

But dem vidyo grames, dey heave blod en' stuff! Twust ush, we expets!

it... it hurts my brain...

1. they report this crap
2. they can't get their facts straight
3. why Dark Souls of all things? what in that game is specifically 'satanic'? just, please, tell me...
4. i don't a serial killer would have the patience for Dark Souls if they're a 'spree' killer...
5. wasn't the creig'slist killer from YEARS ago, and i thought it was some creepy dude that was buying 'masseuses' IE: hookers off creig'slist then offing them... or is this another one? cause then what the hell *flips a desk*
6. where is your evidence? don't go making accusations without ACTUAL FACTS!!
7. i call this slander on the name of a good game *takes off glove and smacks them with it* the gauntlet has been thrown...

ugh, it hurts so much, can't snark anymore more...

and SERIOUSLY!! there is a MAJOR difference in themes between 'DEATH!' and just blatant 'killing', jesus~

While there is a lot of death in Dark Souls, most of it is your own


If I ever hear a real life incident related to Dark Souls (and it won't happen, because people aren't STUPID), I imagine to see the headline:

"Gamer commits suicide after tragically dying five minutes after succeeding at the 1,000,000th attempt at a boss from another boss immediately after it"

Dark Souls makes people into murderous Satanists.

Thanks Obama.

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