Fox News Links Dark Souls to "Craigslist Killer"

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While there is a lot of death in Dark Souls, most of it is your own


Its funny because its true.

Also. How does this channel keep existing USA? How?

This just in, Fox news links face to anus, says it could be the key to beating terrorism.

"a very dark, death-laden video game that's on PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things where there's a lot of killing involved".

We do know she was a fan of The 7th Seal, which is a very dark, death-laden movie on VHS and other kinds of video-type things where there's a lot of killing involved.

I'm usually more upset about this kind of garbage, but I suspect if you were to show this man footage of Dark Souls without telling him where it came from, he wouldn't even know what it was.

How can you propose a link between a killer and their preferred entertainment when you know nothing about that entertainment?

This kind of unprofessional, baseless conjecture would be considered laughable if it regarded any other form of entertainment.

So, in the interest of brevity, I've said it before and I'll say it again; Being unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy is a form of deep psychosis, it isn't just fabricated in a healthy person by an external force, especially one as comparatively insignificant as a video game. I cannot fathom why anybody would buy into this clearly illogical and ignorant concept.

Fox News being ignorant about video games again.

In other news, the sky is blue.

i'm calling artificial difficulty on this one.

Ok so you blame a game that came out 4 years after the first crime, good job there fox good job. You know if you are going to blatantly lie then you should at least get your facts right.Going on there logic murder causes video games.

Oh silly me i forgot, time is convoluted in lordran so this is indeed possible.

Whats more concerning is that people will believe this, now i cannot say that much considering the sate of the UK tabloids such as the daily mail or the scum(sun) but this is a national news network watched by millions. I don't think we should censor the press or anything but there should be legislation to stop them running a story without evidence. News should be about reporting fact not fiction.

"Fox said something stupid again!!"

"Hold on, I'll get the super soakers."

As long as she's not Christian (bonus points if she's Muslim), plays video games, and killed a bunch of people, then Fox News jump at the chance to spout unintelligent garbage until the fucking cows have not only come home, but died of bronchitis.

Ok so she is 19 right now.

First murder at 13

19-13 = 6

2014 - 6 = 2008
Or let's take 2013, since DS came out in October so that would be 2007

Dark Souls came out in 2011.

So either she is a time traveler, or he is full of shit. Personally, i go for the second option. But its fox, did anyone expect anything else?

Not really, no. And thanks to you doing the math for us, we now have a logical argument why what this idiot said is false. ("PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things?" Seriously, dude? Aren't you a professional? Shouldn't he say "PlayStation and other kinds of electronic entertainment?" At least pretend to be a legitimate reporter!

On the case itself I'll just say that it's entirely possible she's killed 22 people. It sounds unbelievable because the killers that have been caught have rarely claimed that many victims, but at the same time the killers that were caught in many times seemed to wind up overthinking things and tripping themselves up. The best crimes tend to be relatively simple, all of them are obvious once you know what happened (retroactively) but unlike the movies and some seriel killer profiles and such, quick, decisive, action is usually far better than trying to stalk someone for three months or whatever as it gives more time for things to go wrong, be noticed, leave evidence, etc.. It's sort of like how you see more smash and grabs going unsolved than sophisticated burglaries (which are more common in Hollywood than in real life).

If I had to make a guess based on what little was said, she knows she's sunk on the murder she was caught in. Once she's established that she's killed once, which is probably a given, she then has the option to basically "sell" her other victims to the police. In this case basically telling the prosecutor that if they want her to help close cases things like the death penalty have to come off the table, she'll get X treatment and special rights in prison, and so on, turning it into a little resort for herself knowing she's unlikely to get out now that she's been nailed. Sort of like when I pointed out in another incident mentioned on the Escapist that a guy who was in prison for multiple murder and was complaining about only having a PS-2, had probably cut a deal with the police to have the right to play video games in his cell (apparently he felt cheated and was threatening hunger strike, demanding a PS-3). In the first world where we don't torture people (and please understand this is the kind of situation where I disagree with that policy) we have no choice but to deal with murderers and thugs if we want them to do anything for us. What's more we also have to hold up our end of those deals because if we start cheating these people nobody else will deal with us in similar situations.

That's just a guess on my part of course.

These two real "winners", the so called "Ken and Barbie" killers sort of demonstrate how even a couple of idiots who didn't even seem to be trying to be that careful can apparently kill 3 people (which is a long shot from 22). The guy involve (Paul Bernardo) was involved in the murders after a long and storied career as a serial rapist.

I actually read up on crimes and such (I was a Criminal Justice Major, and at one time studied Forensics in hopes of going into the field) which is in part why I follow things like this to an extent, and where my theory is coming from.

It's POSSIBLE Miranda Barbour is going for an insanity plea, but understand that the insanity plea requires a defendant who is incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. It's misused and a lot of bad precedents have been established, but generally speaking if your pushing for that you need to be showing yourself as being detached from reality and the repercussions of your crimes. If Miranda is claiming that she's committed to evil and is worshipping the devil (ie she knows what evil is, and what she's doing is wrong), and what's more says clearly that she murdered 22 people starting when she was 13... well, I don't give her much of a chance of turning this into an insanity plea. By rights if this is accurate she's pretty much closed that door on herself. I brought up "Ken and Barbie" there in part because "Barbie" (Karla Homolka) managed to more or less get away with it by claiming she was actively being forced by "Ken" (Paul) and actually managed to provide footage of herself being badly beaten. It's a controversial case though because there is plenty of evidence that she was apparently complicit, but in Canada that whole "reasonable doubt" thing still applies and there simply being a preponderance of evidence that she was a sadistic psychopath who prepared an escape route that's not enough (I believe Canada is nearly identical to the US here, but I don't know quite as much about Canadian Law Enforcement as I do about US... but I did learn some things about it mind you). Miranda doesn't seem to have anything like that up her sleeve (of course then again Karla had video tapes of herself dressing up in her dead sister's clothes and pretending to be here mockingly after she was dead so you know... she needed more as well since that bit was probably hard to beat).

It will be interesting to see how it turns out, at least from my perspective. If I had to call it right here I'd say she'll be convicted, but become a prison queen off the other killings. He hubby however if found complicit of that one murder (which seems likely since they apparently both killed the guy that they intentionally lured to the car, with enough evidene for the rest) will probably get it far worse, and set new records for irony, because he doesn't have anything to trade.


As far as the video game thing, I do not like knocking Fox News (unlike some other people) but I admit that sounds pretty stupid. What's more I'd think that if anything Fox would have gone after Craigslist and similar things, because honestly those kinds of anonymous trading/hook up services are how a lot of trouble starts. They could make a good case about how one can put blame on people who meet people IRL based entirely on internet connections and things like Craigslist are asking for it, but at the same time with the number of victims there is probably some need for beet regulation of these things.... not that I personally agree, but it's another avenue of attack that makes more sense and could be used to pursue some of Fox's more extreme agendas without jumping off the deep end. In today's day and age it's increasingly unusual to find people who don't play video games (and adults/young adults that don't play "M" rated ones) than people who play them. Given that most video games, even "Angry Birds" involve some level of violence, it's also unusual to find someone who doesn't play violent games of one sort or another.... and really when you get down to it "Dark Souls" is kind of tame as far as such things go, it's atmospheric, and has some gross monsters, but as far as the actual violence goes it's actually pretty average. If I had to pick games that seem like to exude the vibe of something a serial killer would play, that probably wouldn't be one of them, it's more the "Hammer House Of Horror" or "Ravenloft" type scary rather than anything particularly twisted. I'd actually think something like "Condemned" with it's very "solid" and visceral combat system where you beat people to death with improvised weapons seems more like the kind of thing a serial killer in training would prefer.

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