EVE: True Stories' First Issue Available for Free

EVE: True Stories' First Issue Available for Free

EVE: True Stories Issue 1

EVE Online's comic book retelling formative in-game events just debuted on Dark Horse's website, with a finished graphic novel planned for this summer.

EVE Online is a rare MMO that genuinely surprises its players on a regular basis, usually with emergent events that CCP never accounted for. Coupled with player-led alliances and corporations, EVE now has an extensive in-game history of war, espionage, and accidental space battles that Dark Horse Comics is attempting to recount with EVE: True Stories. At the very least, it should prove more dramatic than reading a wiki summary after the fact, which you can see for yourself thanks to a free first issue from the Dark Horse website.

EVE: True Stories recounts the collapse of the player-led Band of Brothers from the perspective of a rising GoonSwarm alliance. GoonSwarm may be telling its side of the story, but it isn't covering creative duties here; Daniel Way of Deadpool fame is handling True Stories' scriptwriting responsibilities while rotating artists, starting with Daredevil Noir's Tomm Coker, provide the visuals. Each issue will be released for free in the coming weeks, with a complete EVE: True Stories graphic novel hitting store shelves this June.

I'm still wrapping my head around the idea that MMO characters can become comic book protagonists, but for the price of free it's certainly an interesting read. I wouldn't say it'll convince you to play EVE if you haven't already, but it sets up the corporate/space-action dynamic nicely and even has one of those big starship battles you've been hearing so much about. Outside of the Dark Horse website, True Stories is available from Dark Horse's Android and iOS apps, with additional issues launching on all platforms from March to April.

Source: Dark Horse Digital


Ok, this looks really cool

And the free preview is quite nice. You forget very quickly that this is basically a graphic transcript of real game events - well, if not from the frequent use of the term Goonswarm :p

I wish they'd of chosen a different way to decide the true stories thing. It was basically "Who had the most alliance members" so ya goonswarm one go figure. Still the art looks great and it seems to find its own unique tone. I was worried it would lack any sort of humor and be totally grim dark.

Aren't we supposed to be getting a TV show based on this stuff?

Aren't we supposed to be getting a TV show based on this stuff?

they're talking about it, but as this is CCP they'll probably start filming it when world of darkness is released (about 2025 assuming the stars align and the game engine doesn't keep setting people on fire).

Also are the people of BOB behind on this as well? I know that legally CCP owns all accounts but if they make one real player's character an idiot I'm pretty sure there is a case for slander there

Ok, that is REAL goddamn cool. I may not play EVE myself, but I do love reading about it, and this is even more engaging than a simple wall of text.

cool enough concept. And it was a fun read. I was wondering how this was gonna turn out. I thought to myself whilst reading: well this isn't very accurate to how eve is played. Then I realised: fuck it. This is better

Is this super authentic? I want all of the swears and slurs included.

Skulls for the skull throne!

I hope they make one about that guy who made a highly successful bank on his server, and then one day stole all of the money, bought one of the most expensive ships in the game and then put a bounty on himself using the leftover fortune.

However I sort of think they wont make a story about what was essentially someone just being a dick for no reason.


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