The Last of Us Full Documentary Now Free on YouTube

The Last of Us Full Documentary Now Free on YouTube

The Last of Us was a long, challenging project for Naughty Dog, and now you can learn about the entire process in an official making-of documentary.

Naughty Dog makes games. That's easy to say from an outside perspective, but inside the studio, it's downright terrifying. The process of bringing a new idea from concept to triple-A hit is long, difficult, and intimidating - and despite the fact that The Last of Us would eventually be a huge success, it wasn't always a smooth ride. Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us takes a look behind the scenes of the creation of The Last of Us, and as of now you can watch the whole feature-length documentary online.

The video clocks in at almost 90 minutes of developer interviews, concept art, and game footage. If you bought the DLC Season Pass for The Last of Us, you may have already seen it - the documentary was an exclusive part of that package, but with the game and its DLC all finished, the video has been released for anyone to watch. Fair warning: tread carefully if you haven't played the game and still haven't had it spoiled, because the interviews touch on every part of the story.

You can watch all of Grounded on Sony's YouTube channel, or on Amazon Instant if YouTube is just too mainstream.

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I just saw it, and it's pretty cool.

I wanted more though, but that's just my ravenous appetite for behind-the-scenes footage. The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions spoiled me.

I am so gonna download this on my phone. Behind-the-scenes stuff is almost always great, so I'm sure this'll be a good watch.

Just finished watching it, very good making-of. Naughty Dog seems like a pretty fantastic company to work for and the casting for the in-game characters was spot on, especially Ellie.


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