Hoyuk, Parthenay Award Winner, Comes To Kickstarter

Hoyuk, Parthenay Award Winner, Comes To Kickstarter

hoyuk board game

A Hyk is, apparently, a neolithic turkish mound settlement.

The kickstarter for Hyk launched today, an effort to bring a game that received the prestigious Parthenay Game Designer's Trophee to people across the world. Hyk revolves around tile placement, with players alternating and putting down houses, pens, and ovens to build up their clan's presence in a neolithic city. The game is wholly language independent, relying entirely on symbols and a short rulebook translated into several languages. Kickstarter backers get the game at between $50 and $90, depending on their geography. The Parthenay trophee is presented during France's largest game festival, and is decided by both the public and a jury. Hoyuk received the trophee back in 2007, and has been in further playtesting ever since.

Hyk is getting a lot of early praise from critics, and looks like it uses established worker placement and tile laying mechanics to combine the best aspects of games like Carcassone with a more detailed tactical experience. The complete game will retail for $55 in the US, and includes a board, loads of cardboard tiles, and a variety of cards. Most of the Kickstarter's stretch goals revolve around replacing otherwise cardboard tile components with wooden markers.

The Kickstarter concludes on March 31. The game itself is scheduled to deliver in August 2014.

You can check out more at Hyk's Kickstarter campaign.



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