Danish Investment Firm Behind Apogee/3D Realms Acquisition

Danish Investment Firm Behind Apogee/3D Realms Acquisition

Interceptor Studios co-owners SDN Invest have confirmed its purchase of Apogee Software LTD and 3D Realms.

Spurned on by a Tweet from CEO Frederik Schreiber, many gamers were mistakenly led to believe yesterday that Interceptor Studios, the developer behind the recent Rise of the Triad remake, had purchased classic game makers 3D Realms and Apogee. The deal was eventually debunked by Apogee LLC which said via its own Tweet that the Interceptor itself hadn't acquired anything. That being the case, a recent release has revealed that the original story did contained a portion of the truth.

While it's true that Interceptor itself didn't purchase Apogee Software, it's been confirmed that the studio's co-owners at SDN Invest have, in fact, acquired Apogee Software (not to be confused with publisher Apogee LLC) and 3D Realms. In turn, SDN has named Apogee's Mike Nielsen as CEO at 3D Realms. The new partnership, he hopes, will be beneficial for both parties. "Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D, Rise of the Triad, Raptor, Shadow Warrior and Prey. There are only a handful of independent studios with a better track record of original game," he said. Yet even with this stellar track record, we hope we can take the company to new heights."

While this acquisition is potentially exciting on a number of levels, it will be interesting to just what affect it has on the involved companies. For instance, Gearbox is still in the middle of suing Interceptor and 3D Realms for copyright infringement based on a recently revealed Duke Nume action RPG. Whether or not this acquisition will lead to any changes in that case is something time will have to tell.


OMG so much confusion.

First there was an Apogee company that wasn't the Apogee company that makes Professional Audio Equipment but Video Games,then there was a third Apogee entity that was related to the Apogee that is related with video games but isn't the other Apogee,and it also has a second name which is 3D Realms,then the Apogee which is 3D Realms sold their license of Duke Nukem to Gearbox but the other Apogee that is related to Video Games kept parts of the Duke Nukem license to sell the old Duke Nukem games,then another video game development studio which is Interceptor started making a remake of a Duke Nukem game that was aloud by Apogee/3D Realms but was stopped by Gearbox,and then they made a re-make of an Apogee game which was Rise of the Triad,but shortly after they said they were working at a new Duke Nukem game again,but Gearbox stopped them once again because its Gearbox that has the rights to make new Duke Nukem games,so Gearbox filed a lawsuit against both Interceptor and one of the 3 Apogees,but then some of the people who own Interceptor and not Interceptor itself bought parts of one of the three Apogees.



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