The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Stan Lee Narrates Three New Promo Videos

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Stan Lee Narrates Three New Promo Videos

Stan Lee lends his voiceover talents to three new mini-trailers for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

So far, Stan Lee's famous face has been shoehorned into nearly 20 Marvel movies. And he's scheduled to make an appearance in at least two more in 2014. But today, the father of characters like Human Torch, Thor, and Silver Surfer is flexing his narration muscles in three new Amazing Spider-Man 2 clips.

The one-minute videos are part of a cross promotion between Sony and Kellogg, and show off several scenes that haven't been revealed in previous trailers. The first video focuses on Harry Osborn, the newly minted owner of Oscorp Industries' experimental research division and Peter Parker's former bestie.

The second clip follows Spider-Man as he breaks up a plutonium heist. Mr. Lee's voiceover suggests that Spidey's luck might be running low. But considering that Sony Pictures has already announced two more sequels, it's probably safe to assume that things will eventually work out.

The final video re-introduces Electro while Stan Lee makes puns about electricity. Jamie Foxx's character drains all of the power from time square, just before barbecuing Spider-Man with CGI magic.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will hit theaters on May 2nd. Until then, Stan Lee's gravelly voiceovers will have to tide you over.

Source: Collider


The movies might not be that great, but Stan just always has so much fun these days. I can't even imagine how much joy you get from all those creations finally becoming (I hate to say it, but) mainstream. I'm jealous of the guy, really. You can always hear how excited he is when he speaks.

Oh Stan, you so cray cray, but it's so hard to dislike you

sometimes i hate dyslexia, and then again it gives me these WTF moments, before i re-read the title and find it only said "promo"

OT: they sound awesome :D


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