Peter Molyneux Hates Free-To-Play

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Adam Jensen:

Don't forget Blacklight Retribution. >:(

I didn't. Compared to the other games I mentioned, the amount of work you need to put in to get something in Blacklight to last you forever takes forever.

To be honest, Loadout is exactly the same in this regard.
Granted, some parts only cost you a few hundred Blutes, but the later items cost +8k which requires quite a bit of playing. Even more so because you have to get all earlier ones on the tech tree.

There is a quite easy solution to much of this growing problem: make in-program purchases illegal. If you have to go outside of the game and make the purchase from your actual bank account/ect then everyone knows that they are paying real money and exactly what for. This will stop the "ops accidentaly bought it" problems for people who are dumb enough to give programs their credit card info.

Free2Pay isnt always evil, for example LOL, Loadout, Paths of Exile. And there is acceptable level of evil, for example World of tanks. Even though i did spend 80 dollars on it to advance faster, i see it as a 80 dollars for 600 hours of fun? worth it! And i only made the puchase after already having fun for over 100 hours with it so its not like a money ufront deal and you can play it witohut it, by either grinding or just being a very good player (if your really good you still come out with positive income even in tanks known for loosing money constantly)

I am both ashamed and infuriated to admit that Peter Molyneux opened his mouth and I actually agree with the sounds that came from it.

I guess that analogy about broken watches has more truth to it than I thought.

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