Dungeons & Dragons Down, Star Wars Up In Latest Popular RPG List

Dungeons & Dragons Down, Star Wars Up In Latest Popular RPG List

pathfinder core rulebook cover

Dungeons & Dragons has slipped to the #4 sales spot.

Industry trade publication ICv2 has released its sales statistics for Fall 2013, and several newcomers have pushed Dungeons & Dragons out of the top three most popular tabletop roleplaying games. Pathfinder, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and Fate Core now occupy the top spots in the business, at least in sales terms. D&D is down, but hasn't released any major products in the last year - so no surprise there. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire jumping up is no surprise given its roots at Fantasy Flight Games - a company with large market cachet leveraging the Star Wars brand would have to try hard to fail.

Fate Core jumping up to third is probably the biggest surprise on the list, because it looks like they've managed to parlay their huge Kickstarter success into a stream of sales. Most notably absent from the list is Monte Cook Games' Numenera, which while having a more successful Kickstarter than Evil Hat Productions - netting over half a million dollars - has apparently not turned that initial success into a steady flow of sales.

D&D will likely make the jump back up to the top spots later this year, with the release of the new edition in August of this year. For now, however, it's a telling story about how much of their market share Wizards of the Coast has ceded to Paizo.

ICv2 compiles statistics from interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. It releases them as part of its Internal Correspondence publication.

Source: ICv2's Internal Correspondence #84



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