New iOS 8 Healthbook App Screenshots, Details Surface

New iOS 8 Healthbook App Screenshots, Details Surface

Apple iOS 8 Healthbook 310x

The new Healthbook app shipping with iOS 8 will shake up the health-tracking and fitness app business.

9to5mac has the scoop on one of Apple's next big iOS apps: Healthbook. And they have plenty of art, details, and screenshots to share.

Healthbook, which seems to be inspired by Apple's Passbook app, will be able to track your weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), nutrition, activity, and even hydration levels. It's all organized by color tabs, which can be sorted by the user. There's also an Emergency Card tab, where contact, and medication information can be saved.

While some of the information used by Healthbook will be input by the user, much of it will be gleaned from third-party apps, hardware within your iPhone (like the M7 chip in the iPhone 5S), and possibly external devices (Nike FuelBand, and the iWatch if it's ever released).

There's no official release date for the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, but both are expected later this year, probably in the Fall.


I've been using "S health" on my s4 and while I am not using it to it's fullest, it's more than enough. Steps done, activity, blood sugar, blood pressure and comfort level ... though I have no idea how comfort level works, it measures temp and sweat (or something) and says if I am comfortable, which is something I should probably know.

Thing is, I have to put in the calorie content of all the food I eat 'cos the database comes with nothing in it.

Some of the things are there seem a little much, such as hydration, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation.

I just want a decent music app. You'd think that would be easy from the company that invented the iPod.

Oh, they would just LOVE all that info to sell to advertisers!!!!

Still, I am a sucker for eHealth stuff...
Just know that this won't be very privacy friendly AT ALL.


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