Six Games. Sixteen Days. One Kickstarter.

Six Games. Sixteen Days. One Kickstarter.

Dice Hate Me Games is going down the rabbit hole on this one.

Late last year, Dice Hate Me Games put out a call for submissions and a challenge: Make them engrossing 54-card games. They wanted to add them to their "rabbit" line of games - small card games in a small box. They got over a hundred entries - many of them worthy of the prize. Eventually, they settled on four. Then added a couple more card games they wanted to publish.

Thus this Kickstarter: Six card games at once funding via one Kickstarter. It's interesting because not only do the games look like a hell of a lot of fun, but because it's an interesting workaround to the Kickstarter "problem." See, Kickstarter doesn't like you to run a bunch of campaigns at once, but Dice Hate me is doing six at once via one campaign.

It's a really interesting inversion of the usual game publisher to Kickstarter relationship - and probably great for the consumer. Six card games for $50 is below the usual going rate for card games at about $10 each, and going from the quality of past Dice Hate Me games, we'd guess this one might be worth supporting.

The Kickstarter page is right here.



I read this thinking the 999 developer who benched their third game was doing a kickstarter...and it's not them but this dumb thing.



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