Game Front and Shut Up and Sit Down Comes to EXP!

Game Front and Shut Up and Sit Down Comes to EXP!


Several great new shows arrive this week on The Escapist!

Starting today, we here at The Escapist are introducing a whole host of new shows into our Escapist Extras Program for your viewing enjoyment!

From The Escapist's new sister site Game Front, we have five new exciting series premiering on EXP:

Mondays - The Minecraft Show
James and his buddy Morgan adventure out on the Game Front/Escapist Minecraft server. Watch out for creepers!

Tuesdays - James vs. GAMES
Tune in every week to see James take on a different game and complete a very specific set of challenges, with the help of his ever-supportive buddy Mitch.

Wednesdays - Game Front Walkthroughs
Stuck on a particular part of a new game? Tune in every Wednesday for some helpful advice and guidance from the Game Front crew!

Thursdays - The Starbound Show
James and Mitch team up to journey through the stars in Starbound

Fridays - Game Front Gauntlet
Two men enter, one man leaves in Game Front's no-holds-barred competitive gaming experience!

And starting this Tuesday, you can also check out Shut Up and Sit Down, a weekly tabletop reviews show where you can learn more about the best and latest in tabletop gaming. For all you Game of Thrones Abridged fans out there, you'll be happy to hear that Matt Lees is one of the reviewers!

Be sure to keep an eye on EXP for all these new series!

Check out the first episode of The Minecraft Show below:


Don't we have enough Minecraft based shows on the internet by now? :P

Don't we have enough Minecraft based shows on the internet by now? :P

More than likely, yes, but it's worth noting that GameFront has been doing these video shows for years on their YouTube channel. They are new to The Escapist, but not new to the Internet :)

Hooray for Shut Up & Sit Down!

Haven't heard of the others yet but I'll check them out :)

I didn't know Game Front was partnering with The Escapist. When did this happen?


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