Sonic: Lost World's Zelda DLC is a Mini Adventure Through Hyrule

Sonic: Lost World's Zelda DLC is a Mini Adventure Through Hyrule

Tomorrow's free DLC for Sonic: Lost World is a Sonic/Legend of Zelda crossover through several Zelda games.

The latest Sonic: Lost World DLC, set to release tomorrow, is a crossover with the Legend of Zelda universe with a mash-up of various Zelda games from Ocarina of Time to Skyward Sword. The DLC will be available for free through the Nintendo Wii U eShop starting tomorrow.

In the Zelda-inspired level, Sonic dons Link's iconic green outfit, collects rupees, and avoids Stalfos and Gorons while dashing away at full speed. A mix of Sonic and Legend of Zelda sounds weird because the two series have such different mechanics, which is why the Legend of Zelda zone is Zelda-like mostly through its art and environment. Link will ride by on his Loftwing from Skyward Sword. Hyrule Castle lies in the distance. Sonic wears clothes for once, and the blue hedgehog runs through dungeons.

Players can find chests containing heart containers and explore dungeons, but the gameplay is still largely straightforward. The lack of a time limit does encourage exploration, however.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata first teased the Legend of Zelda DLC for Sonic: Lost World in December. The previous DLC added a Yoshi's Island Zone. The DLC for Yoshi's Island and Legend of Zelda both are not available for the 3DS version of Sonic: Lost World.

Source: IGN


Holy shit. I thought I'd never see the day when this:

became a real, licensed thing by Nintendo and Sega. That's just fucking hilarious.

the 1990's gamer child inside me is screaming in tortured tongues. i have a feeling Dr. Joseph Allen Sega (the founder of Sega) is crying into his pillow somewhere.

Haha, that's kind of cute. I wish they'd use classic sonic for these games though, it'd be waaaay more adorable.

I... I'm not sure what to think. I like it.. for some reason. But.. huh

What? Free DLC for something I'd actually pay for? The Wii U is slowly shifting into my tractor beams cross hairs. I might have to push back that PC build and replace the chewing gum holding my old one together.


Of course it's not available for the freakin 3DS version. OF COUUUURSE. -_-

I try to not be irrational about series I dislike. I can accept that things like Call of Duty or Gears of War are just not marketed toward me, and that the games are still competently created. I tend to adopt a "live-and-let-live" attitude towards these sorts of things.

That said, there is still one franchise towards which I feel an intense and irrational dislike. And that is Sonic. And, as a longtime (lifelong, more accurately) Zelda fan, seeing Sonic wearing Link's hat is like the ultimate debasement.

...Ah well, it's an interesting concept at least. More games should do this sort of thing for their DLC.


...that's not your hat. *twitches*

I'm more shocked by free DLC offerings. There's a relic of the past you never see anymore.

*applauds Nintendo*

I... huh.

I like Zelda. I like Sonic (some of the time). This looks like something that I'd like, except... Did it have to be on Sonic: Lost World? That wasn't a game that particularly inclined to ever pick up... (Partly because it's WiiU, partly because they solved the problem of Sonic being too fast and hard to control... by making him slow.)


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