Amazon Might Reveal a Set-Top Box, Streaming Service Next Week

Amazon Might Reveal a Set-Top Box, Streaming Service Next Week

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The set-top box comes first, with possible Amazon streaming service a few months later.

Rumors of TV-connected Amazon hardware have been swirling for months, and it appears we might get some definitive answers on the subject next week.

Amazon is throwing an event to offer "an update on our video business" this coming Wednesday, April 2nd. That's all we know about the reveal for now, but it's possible that Amazon will reveal both a set-top box, and a new TV/video streaming service.

The set-top box rumors are nothing new. We've talked about an Amazon Android console in the past, and this new box could very well be that unit, albeit packed with video streaming functionality. Recode says the box will ship with Netflix and Hulu Plus apps pre-installed, offering buyers a well-rounded streaming experience. With an Android foundation (similar to Kindle Fire products), a multi-function device is likely in the works.

The Amazon TV streaming service is new news though, coming out of a Wall Street Journal report. The new service would be free via ad support, and would offer up select Amazon TV shows like Betas, and Alpha House. WSJ points out it would not be as robust as the video service currently offered to Amazon Prime subscribers. "The proposed service, which could launch in the coming months, could feature original and may include licensed content." I wouldn't expect that licensed content selection to match the TV, movie library currently offered to Prime members.


Ugh. We got enough set top boxes out there. Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, DVD/Blu-ray players with streaming, all consoles from the current and previous generations, any modern desktop PC, laptop or tablet with HDMI output. Almost all of those listed were smart enough to be open and work with Netflix, Amazon streaming, Hulu, Youtube and even basic Flash. It's a niche that been filled to the point of overflowing like the set top Android consoles(though that niche was mostly filled by more powerful Android tablets with HDMI and blue tooth controllers before the Ouya even launched). Just give people clear instructions on how to hook up their devices to your service and their TVs instead of trying to pry more money from their wallets and polluting the Earth with more redundant Technocrap. Don't let it be a new box.

I can't see how long another ad supported service will last when we got Hulu and Youtube both supplying commercial content. But, it's Amazon's, so as long as the ads aren't the typical crap video ads on the internet and they don't drop the ball by greatly limiting the selection compared to Prime's, it might work. I fear Amazon might go the annoying route just to get more Prime subscribers, though.

I don't understand. Amazon already have a streaming service. Why the hell would they start up another one that isn't as good as what they already do?


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