CarBot Animations Debuts WoWcraft Animated Shorts

CarBot Animations Debuts WoWcraft Animated Shorts

CarBot Animations, the animator behind the adorable and hilarious StarCrafts series, has launched a new series based on World of Warcraft.

On March 28, Blizzard Entertainment and CarBot Animations announced a new series of animations based on World of Warcraft. CarBot Animations released the first episode of WoWcraft on Friday, and new episodes will be released every other Thursday. The first episode, titled 'The Creation', explores the common frustrations of character creation in World of WarCraft. CarBot Animations is best known for StarCrafts, a series of animated shorts about StarCraft II. Two seasons of the series are complete, and a third is currently being produced. The comedic animated shorts feature adorable, dog-like zerglings, the ever-frustrated Protoss zealot, and ineffectual Terran marines.

CarBot Animations has produced videos on nearly every Blizzard property. On March 24, CarBot Animations released an animated take on the Diablo II: Reaper of Souls cinematic. They also released a tribute to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's upcoming MOBA, which is currently in technical alpha. Last year, CarBot Animations produced a trailer for the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm expansion. StarCraft II patch 2.1 even added CarBot-themed portraits for each race.

CarBot Animations is the work of Jonathan Burton. Carbot Animations began in October 2012, with StarCrafts. Burton is now on his third season of StarCrafts, with new episodes published each Saturday. Official StarCrafts merchandise is available directly from Blizzard. Carbot Animations is also supported through Patreon, which allows fans to contribute by pledging a tip for each episode created.

Source: Blizzard


Love it! I'm a big fan of StarCrafts, it always makes me smile, can't wait to see more episodes of this.

I know the pain of naming characters all too well; I'm liking this show so far.

Ooooooo this should be great! I love me some StarCrafts. Thanks Escapist, by the way, for posting an article with their Heart of the Swarm Release Trailer or else I never would have found out about CarBot. Can't wait to see what hijinks take place in this one.

Still, it's gonna be hard to top those adorable zerglings... :3

I love the animation style.

Haven't touched WoW in years but this still brought a smile to my face. Can't wait to see more of it.

You kind of redundantly state that Starcrafts is into Season 3 twice in the article. But yeah, I've been following Starcrafts ever since the first few episodes. Every time I think that things are starting to feel stale, he throws me for a loop in the next episode and reminds me why I love that series (and his work in general).

Carbot is awesome. Zerglings are adorbs.
I've never played WoW, but enjoyed the first episode of WoWcraft and look forward to more.

The Diablo 3 one was also adorably epic and epicly adorable.


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