Report: Yahoo Considers Creating Its Own Version of YouTube

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I think they have a chance if they just copy Youtube but don't force people to use their real name anywhere.

I'm not expecting a lot out of this. Sounds doomed to fail, like a lot of WoW killers were. Youtube just has so much content on it, including short viral videos, and countless shows. I enjoy a lot of producers that you can find on Youtube, for example. Not to mention ease of use and the ability to embed videos on other sites. With all that going against it, this seems unlikely to succeed.

However, if they can lure away some of the most popular Youtube content producers, like TFS, Epic Rap Battles, The Fine Brothers, Jontron, and others, this could give their network some pull. Especially if they give them more protection from copyright claims, which can be seriously BS (Angry Joe had a copyright claim on a video due to a few seconds of a song and music video that he parodied on a video).

It all comes down to content and service. Not holding my breath, though.

Well, I hope this works out, if only so that youtube has some good competition to keep it from getting lazy.

It would be nice to see some legitimate competition in the market here. I don't have any faith in Yahoo but they do have the resources to pull it off.

Still though, since I will continue to use Google for my search engine (for obvious reasons), I don't know how this would benefit me unless Google magically decides to give their video utility equal representation. If I don't see their video service at all then this would just mean fewer good videos in the same place if it ever picks up.

Youtube is large enough and well made enough that just providing the same service isn't going to cut it. Since Yahoo can't differentiate itself by cost (one of the only two ways products can differentiate), then it's going to have to figure out a way to do it with quality. I don't know how they can do much better other than not policing their service the same way Youtube does and subsequently leaving themselves open to lawsuit.

So they're looking to have a video player that no one will use as well? I'll admit youtube has a ton of problems, but I doubt people will even know yahoo video exists when they release it. Though I do like the idea of Youtube getting challenged (try pulling the same shit they are now when there is a viable alternative out there) this doesnt sound like anything more than "the youtube killer" (Right along there with "the call of duty killer" and "the WOW killer")


yes because it worked so well when Microsoft tried to corner the search engine market with Bing. I wonder how many people are using that... I should ask Google.

I don't think it worked poorly for Microsoft. I use Bing as my default search engine and I prefer it over Google

One person using Bing is hardly cornering the market! :D Sorry, im so mean to every other search engine

I don't see Youtube being in much danger. Truthfully a lot of Youtube's criticism seems to be that it was once a very open forum, which later got challenged by business interests, politicians, and other groups, and wound up becoming not-quite-so open, running around shutting down videos due to copyright complaints, shutting down videos because a corporation wanted to funnel people towards the "official" versions, and then of course cow-towing to politicians and such over offensive material ranging from claims of religious offense ("Innocence Of Muslims") to pure "oh, will someone think of the children" content regulation when someone got too sexy/violent/edgy. Not to mention this allegedly free platform locking certain content behind walls which can be slightly inconvenient. For example once I decided to look up "Prussian Blue" (a pair of girls that sing white supremacist songs) when wondering what the big deal was (they hardly turned me into a fan, they were nothing special as singers, though they were decent. Their only real "point" seemed to be controversial material), and honestly it took what seemed like an act of congress to find any of their stuff, where in comparison accessing say black metal or gangsta rap is comparatively easy.

The point here is that Youtube has become increasingly subjective, and involved in censorship (or close to it), as opposed to the "free frontier" for everyone and anyone it was initially supposed to be. The whole "let the user beware" attitude was kind of the point to begin with since you could almost guarantee there was something to offend just about anyone on Youtube, and it was declaring itself a sort of "free zone" away from corporate harassment, sort of like what "The Pirate's Bay" was doing, albeit not as extreme since it was just home made videos, and of course lacking Pirate's Bay's gigantic nards.

Good or bad, right or wrong, it's likely we'll never see anything like what Youtube was appear again. Something like Yahoo, which is a huge corporation itself, is not going to reinstate a big part of what made the WWW a "wild new frontier" due to not being willing to fight or take the risks given that they are easily targeted and have a lot of resources to lose. The best Yahoo is likely to do is pretty much create a service just like Youtube with most of the same policies, censorship, and content limitations/control, at which point the big question becomes why anyone would decide to move to their service. It's not likely they are going to pay massively more money than the competition to people producing content, or give them more of a free hand than Youtube does in terms of say shielding people if some band gets uppity because they used one of their songs.

This sounds like Yahoo's answer or equivalent to Google+.

I hope to god this goes well for them. If there's one thing YouTube needs, it's competition so it can strive to be less shit. When a developer of their own game has their video content taken down of their game because some jackass thought it would be funny to flag it for copyright infringement, there's something that needs to change- and if Yahoo can offer better security in uploaded content and make it more viable to earn a decent paycheck from making videos, then by all means Yahoo, show us that it's possible.

I like this idea. Give them some competition. Let them keep Pewdiepie, better service gets Achievement Hunter.

Good. Do this please.

Because youtube annoys me.

And I already have a junk email account with yahoo.

I absolutely 100% hate people who Doom Say. "THIS PROJECT IS TEH D00MED!!11!". Shut up. You have no proof.

Honestly, if Yahoo would have done this a few years earlier, it would have been better for them, but YouTube is starting to show cracks. If you want to be a games journalist without a Network, it's hard. And Copyright trolls are everywhere.

The worst case scenario is that that falls, and no big splash is made. Boohoo. Another project on the internet falls. Aside from that, there's a whole slew of options. If they copy YouTubes layout, but protect uploaders from copyright trolls by, say, forcing the person levying the claim for identification and proof their copyright is being violated, and having a customer support team that isn't shit, that's an attractive lure. That could lead to people either moving or importing their videos over there, and that could lead to an arms race.

Yahoo allows 60FPS video? YouTube better adapt. Yahoo's copyright claim system isn't shit and can't be trolled? YouTube better change theirs. Yahoo's upload servers don't break? Better sink some cash into infrastructure Google. Yahoo's hub doesn't bust every other week? Hmm... You get the point.

The worst that could happen is that its a failure, or its stagnant. It doesn't address any of the issues YouTube has. But it has the chance to do good. Doomsaying at this point, when its not even announced yet, is just ridiculous. Nothing is too big to fail, and newcomers are always welcome.

And it only took them 8 years to come up with this? WOW

Well, this could solve some of the problems content creators have been having with Youtube and their insane, "we'll take your word for it" opinion on ownership/copyright. I mean seriously, remember when Miracle of Sound was flagged by Miracle of Sound? Fucking nonsense man.

I personally think disallowing any old user the ability to upload will hurt the system tremendously.
Youtube grew from the bedroom producer, only allowing famous people who make big bucks on youtube onto your platform is silly because, if signed with a network, it's likely not worth their time to switch if they're making a comfortable living.

From what it looks like, Yahoo (err, Microsoft) is fixing to make their own Blip, but calling it their own YouTube.

Since Microsoft has had their hand in the video game market for quite some time, I'm surprised they haven't attempted to start their own Twitch/Hitbox equivalent, considering their stance on Let's Plays and steaming (which boils down to "You can, as long as you're not monetizing it").

While I'd all be for this, the issue that they want to "cherry pick" all of YouTube's talent and basically only use professionally-made (from a relative take of "professionally") videos instead of the free upload system that YouTube has makes me a bit apprehensive about this. This is really just more of an attempt to grab YouTube's best stars with a better deal while still not trying at all to help out the little people that upload videos for fun. You know... the free public video hosting service that made YouTube popular to begin with...?

Though this would certainly avoid the recent copyright issues that YouTube's been having, it certainly kills the point of YouTube, that being to watch and host any kind of video (within reason).

Marissa Mayer hasn't fixed Yahoo at all. If it wasn't for their stake in Alibaba, they would be reporting losses.

This just sounds like Blip (owned by Maker now owned by Disney). Alternate video site, more restricted uploads, something vaguely resembling quality control (or at least they ditch low viewcount videos). Which also was heavily populated by formerly youtube acts.

Would be nice if they succeeded, but I really doubt it.

Still, GO YAHOO! Give it your best shot. Kick YouTube in the nads, nick their shit and give us a superior experience!

And if you fail we'll just laugh at you and say we all saw it coming, while crying inside our hearts.

I think they can really succeed. They have Marissa Mayer on their side, the one that is behind this huge project.

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