Global Warming a Threat to Human Security, Says UN Science Report

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Too many humans is not the problem. Too many RICH humans is the problem.

A poor (by our standards) family in rural India for example has a tiny impact on the planet- they walk, cycle or use public transport, they've never been on a plane, they don't own any fancy electronic devices or buy things online that get delivered by airmail and they don't eat meat. Earth could comfortably sustain 20 billion such people- far beyond our current population of 7.22 bilion. However...

The richest 1 billion humans (the global rich and "middle classes") account for about 85% of the planet's resource use. We have cars and air conditioning and foreign holidays and a thousand restaurants in easy reach offering meaty goodness from factory farmed animals fed on the wrong diet that's causing them gastric distress and pushing up our methane emissions. All the climate-change-exacerbated disasters we've seen in the last couple of decades- the superstorms, the droughts, the floods- are OUR FAULT. Anyone with access to the technology to read these words shoulders their share of the blame. Pointing the finger at big families in poor countries is a fallacy. WE need to get our shit together. WE need to develop the clean energy and clean engines and recycling technology to sustain OUR lifestyles without making the rest of the human race suffer. If we want more and more people to join us in riches and luxury (and we'd better because that's the way our economies have been designed, even if it seems to have been working in reverse the last few years) then we're going to have to find a way for the Earth to cope with their burden as well as ours.

Too many humans is a problem. An enviromental one. We are consuming earth at far higher rate than it replenishes said supplies. Such things as drinkable water is limited to the rich in only small parts of the world. While i agree that the "inequality gap" is a terrible thing, it is not the cause of overpopulation (altrough it could be argued that richer populace usually populate less, ironically).
Polution from electronics is not the only measure of sustaining. And if that "poor famility from rural India" is your ideal then you owning a PC to type that post on are already above them, so your to blame as well by your own accord.
Also i highly doubt they dont eat meat. Human bodies cannot survive without meat unless the required minerals/vitamins are gianed by artificial means (such as food supplements). Then again they do often look half-starved.

Also i never said that big poor families are causing globar warming. i said that overpopulation is a problem too. It is not a cause of global warming, but it is a problem still. And yes, we are all at fault for global warming, which is why i do what i reasonably can to limit my emissions while advocating for global laws limiting emisions.

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