SNES Start Screens Combined Into 9-Hour Video

SNES Start Screens Combined Into 9-Hour Video

YouTube user NicksplosionFX's Super Press Start contains every Super Nintendo start screen in alphabetical order.

You may recall earlier this year when YouTuber NicksplosionFX released a three hour video containing the start screen of nearly ever NES game ever released. Well, if you enjoyed that chunk of retro goodness, you may want to swing by his YouTube channel because Mr. Splosion has just released a new video that makes his Press Start video look like child's play.

Clocking in at just over nine hours in length, NicksplosionFX's Super Press Start is more than three times the length of the Press Start video and, according to Splosion himself, contains "every single Super Nintendo start screen" organized in alphabetical order. Perhaps to avoid potential complaints from gamers who claimed that his original Press Start video skipped a few games, he's also posted a list to his Tumblr detailing every game that made it into the video.

Of course, if you'd like to personally verify you're welcome to sit down for nine hours and watch the whole thing from start to finish. Honestly, I'm almost tempted to make an attempt myself. I would need to clear up a work day to watch it and my eyes would probably be all sorts of bloodshot by the end, but I'm thinking it could be worth it. The 16-bit era of console gaming is, sadly, one that saw me mostly sitting on the sidelines and I think it would be really interesting to get a glimpse of all the different games the SNES played host to during its life span.

Source: YouTube


Who the hell has 9 hours to sit and watch a video on Start Screens?

Err.... hmm... Not sure if impressive or just darn stupid? A little of both probably. Now, I've often had people ask of me when watching certain kinds of youtube videos: what's the point? Like building the enterprise at 1:1 scale on minecraft or building a functional sand crawler out of lego. And I answer: because it's fucking nice. I mean, djeezes look at it!

But this time if someone we're to ask me what is the point I'd have to say: neh? *shrug*

I'm pretty sure that since these are in alphabetical order, the S is gonna take hours due to all the titles with "Super" in front of them.

I decided to watch until there was a game I recognised.

So I spent 8 minutes and 26 seconds getting reacquainted with the SNES sound system.


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