Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer Reveals Release Date

Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer Reveals Release Date

Shadow of Mordor will head to retailers at the beginning of October 2014.

The literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien never really skimped on dark content. That being the case, Warner Brother's reveal of the action title Shadow of Mordor showcased a game that looked as though it would involve a gritty tone markedly unique when compared to the black and white high fantasy that many associate with the author. A newly released story trailer, in turn, would seem to confirm that Shadow of Mordor will be less a flight of escapism and more of Middle-Earthian bloodbath.

The trailer begins with the game's protagonist, the ranger Talion, waking up. Having just been murdered along with his wife and son, he's naturally a tad confused about this and sets off on a quest to uncover the secrets behind his resurrection and take revenge in the baddies who forced him to bury "everyone he ever knew."

In addition to providing a brief glimpse into its story and gameplay, the trailer also does the solid of announcing the game's release date, which will be October 7th, 2014. What do you think? Will you be saving the date on your calendar or is Shadow of Mordor looking like a skip to you?


Wait 10.07.2014 means 10th of july now.
I mean it's how we in Europe do it, but i was under the impression that the weird date order of america was month, day and then year.

The trailer looks allright, but a bit generic.

So... It's a coupling between assassins creed and dark souls? I don't know. Anyone else got any idea?

Wait 10.07.2014 means 10th of july now.
I mean it's how we in Europe do it, but i was under the impression that the weird date order of america was month, day and then year.

October 7th 2014. My mistake. :/

Looks pretty generic, but that doesn't mean it's bad necessarily.
I'm guessing this is a completely new story that only uses LotR as a setting and has little else to do with Tolkien? At least I never heard of this ranger or that story in the context of LotR or the Silmarillion that I can remember.
I'll say this much: I find it a bit odd to see something so obviously magical as a curse of constant reawakening/undeath. Outright magic seemed to be very rare in LotR actually, with Gandalf employing smoke bombs and the like (recently read The Hobbit again).
Well, we'll see how they do it. I'm not particularly interested, but it could be good, I suppose. Certainly not a game I was desperately waiting for, though.

BWAAAAAH Well, they've certainly BWAAAAAAH gone out of their way to make it BWAAAAAAH pretty generic. Murdered family BWAAAAAH check. Inception 'bwahs' BWAAAAAAH check. He's even got a BWAAAAAAAH broken sword like Aragorn.

The basic idea of the game sounds kind of cool but they've just played it safe. Plus 'bwahs'. At least it wasn't dubstep.

Meh... I think I'll pass on this one. Even for generic Fantasy action games, it's pretty generic. Family murdered, guy doesn't die, has a magical sword. More destiny thrust upon someone stuff. I guess I've been spoiled with graphics, I could accept it looking like this on the PS3 (which I know will be cross generation) . But I expect more for PS4/Xbone.

I'd also like to point out how bullshotty the screen shots look compared to what we see in the trailer, the protagonist doesn't look quite as bad as he does in the cinematic. I suppose that is the trend for this generation, more then ever. I mean yea, it's not a new practice at all, but it feels like we hear and see it more frequently then usual.

I've never seen a Lord of the Rings story written by someone other than Tolkien, that doesn't come off as bad fan fiction.

This is no exception except now it also seems to play like bad fan fiction too. No LOTR protagonist should ever strut

What was that sound? Oh, yeah. It was almost all of the interest I had in this game swooping out the window in a two minute trailer. Story sounds generic as hell, the graphics look awful for this gen, and the main character is a rip off of Aragorn. I was planning on waiting for reviews, but now I'm definitely waiting to buy this game.

Since this is an entirely new story I am hoping they actually break canon and have the main character either Destroy The One Ring himself or help Frodo and Sam in doing so. The only problem I have with prequel games like this is that in the end anything I accomplish in them never matters.

I would love if that Nazgul-like enemy who looks to be the main villain was the Witch King of Angmar who no man can kill. Then you would just KNOW that the main characther cannot defeat him for real, and we could have a really cool tragic end, Force Unleashed-like.

A pretty crappy trailer, but I'm still looking forward to this game. Based on the gameplay trailers I've seen so far it looks like a good Assassin's Creed, but it's early days yet.

They've promised plenty of branching story lines which is nice. Akin to the way Heavy Rain did it, whereby a failure doesn't automatically give you a god damn GAME OVER, it just continues the story and adapts.

I'm keeping my eye on this, but I'm firmly waiting for reviews before I pick it up. This is very dangerous territory to tread on in terms of lore in The Lord of the Rings. Take a wrong step, and it will break the game--at least for me. The fact that he is carrying around a broken sword--I'm assuming is a Morgul Blade--is not a good sign. Invokes memories of Narsil and Aragorn.

I'm not usually one to bang the graphics drum, but that trailer looked like absolute arse considering what this new generation of consoles is supposed to be capable of. Hell, there are better-looking games for last gen devices. Story just makes me yawn, so the game's already fighting an uphill battle while standing solely on its gameplay leg. I'll reserve final judgement until after playing it, of course, but it really looks 'meh' at best.


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