"Doomstick" Shotgun, Community Maps in Rise of the Triad 1.4 Patch

"Doomstick" Shotgun, Community Maps in Rise of the Triad 1.4 Patch

New maps, new achievements, and the most ridiculous shotgun this side of the AA-12

Interceptor Entertainment pushed out the latest free update for Rise of the Triad today, updating the game to v1.4.

ROTT 1.4 adds a Doomstick to the Triad Slaughter Armory, a semi-automatic shotgun that would make 90's FPS heroes blush. The new weapon is complimented by three new achievements, two of which seem to be Doomstick-related (my guess is "Knife Party" has something to do with fine, German-made cutlery).

The other big 1.4 news: Six community-made maps have been baked into ROTT's install files. With dozens (hundreds?) of community maps floating around, these represent the cream of the crop, and the addition is reminiscent of Valve's strategy with Team Fortress 2.

The maps are...

  • Danger Canyon (DM)
  • Spry (DM)
  • Tepidus (DM/TDM)
  • Templus (DM/TDM/CTF)
  • Virgus (DM/TDM)
  • The RoTTest Yard (DM)
  • The update also includes a metric butt-ton of tweaks, effect optimizations, and weapon balance fixes. You can check out the full patch note breakdown here.

    Last but not least, if you haven't picked up ROTT 2013 just yet, it's on sale for $3.74 on Steam right now, and the four-pack is going for $11.24 (buy three, get the fourth free). Both deals are good until 9AM PT on Saturday, April 5th.

    And if you already own Rise of the Triad? The update pushed out this morning, so it should already be waiting for you, Doomstick at the ready. Go blow off some steam on some Triad jerks after work, mmmkay?


    I find the lack of comments to this sad and disturbing, Rise of the Triad is fun as hell. DOOMStick is pretty cool.


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