MTV Debuts Extended Look at Guardians of The Galaxy's Star-Lord

MTV Debuts Extended Look at Guardians of The Galaxy's Star-Lord

Exclusive clip reveals new footage of the next big Marvel hero.

MTV scored an exclusive new clip from Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy, which offers an expanded look at the introduction to Chris Pratt's character Peter Quill, aka "Star-Lord." The new footage shows off the hero's rocket boots, and gives us the first clear view of Quill's iconic mask from the comics. We're also treated to a look at the type of weaponry being wielded by Djimon Honsou as Korath The Pursuer.

Based on the Marvel comics series, Guardians stars Pratt as the human leader of a motley crew of alien misfits including Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, David Batista as Drax the Destroyer and Vin Diesel as Groot. Together they attempt to thwart the minions of Thanos, the villain teased at the end of The Avengers. The film opens in August.

Source: MTV


Looks like the video doesn't work in the UK. :(

Looking forward to this film, though.

This movie looks like it exactly what I want a movie to be
= FUN!

Movies can be good in other ways too, but I mainly watch them so I can enjoy myself :D
(as most others as well?)

Rocket boots? Well that's my money spent.

"unavailable in your region"


If Slingshot's services were a little better I would have kept using their service. It's times like this I really wish other telcos offered an anti-geoblocking mode as well.

Video only avaliable in the US - what a ripoff

Wait, waitwaitwait... someone gave an exclusive to MTV? Talk about limiting your target audience; who still watches MTV?

The Pursuer? Huh... I didn't know Dark Souls was in the Marvel Universe...

So if anyone could find a version for the rest of the world that'd be great.

Looks like between Guardians and Jupiter Ascending rocket boots are going to be very popular in the future of sci-fi. Thanks Tony Stark!

I'm so excited for this. If they're willing to do Rocket Raccoon, and later on down the line Ant-man I can't wait for Avengers 2.

While DC is trying to get their head straight to make their own cinematic universe, Marvel is going strong. Now to just get Spidy, and the Fantastic 4 back in there hands(where they won't get screwed up), and things can really get rolling. I'd almost say I want X-Men back in their hand as well, but First Class was a great movie. Still, would be nice to have all Marvel properties in their hands for movies.

I can't help it. Every single time I see "What a bunch of A-holes"s armor, I think of Brainiac... I know they're competing companies...


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