Battlestar Galactica Movie Gains Traction At Universal

Battlestar Galactica Movie Gains Traction At Universal

Battlestar Galactica promo image

A big-screen "reimagining" of Battlestar Galactica is reportedly picking up steam at Universal Studios.

Universal Studios looks like it's getting serious about making a Battlestar Galactica film, as Variety reports that someone named Jack Paglen has been hired to write the screeplay. I say "someone named Jack Paglen" because, according to IMDB, his CV is rather light: He wrote the Johnny Depp vehicle Transcendence, which comes out later this month, and is also signed to write the script for Prometheus 2, and that appears to be it. Glen Larson, the creator of the original Battlestar Galactica television series, is producing.

Somewhat ironically, the film will be a "complete reimagining" of the story, which isn't likely to impress fans of the decade-old miniseries and television series, which were themselves reboots of Larson's 1978 effort. The 2003 remake met with some fan backlash prior to release (Starbuck is a woman!) but quickly won over audiences by being so damned good, at least over the first two or three seasons. Now that we're looking at yet another do-over, I'd be willing to bet that the resistance will be even stronger, not because anyone wants to go back to the disco-era cheese, but because Ronald Moore and co. nailed it so well.

Are we really ready to see Starbuck as a man? Hey, it could always be worse: At least nobody's talking about taking another run at Galactica 1980. (Although, yeah, I'd probably pay to see that.)

Source: Variety


The whole show was excellent. Come on Andy, don't be afraid to show a little personal passion. I loved the new show beginning to end. It had it's flaws, but screw you I loved it. LOVED IT! And I will defend it's non sensical ending to my death!

The only major problem is that this ground has been tread so well. The movie can only return to the semi-swashbucking adventure style of the original and take away the grit. Better off re-booting Buck Rogers in the 25th century. (Even though Guardians of the Galaxy is basically doing that)

I think these guys are taking the main religious and philosophical catchphrase of the show too seriously

Are they Holding Playstation Move Guns?!?!?!

I no longer have the strength Hollywood....damn you, and such. Go find something else to "re-imagine" or whatever. I will be reading books.

Yes bring back camp Sci-fi, enough with gritty realism. I want wooden acting, camp costumes and wobbly sets. Lete put the fun back into movies.

As long as there are NO DAGGITS.

Ron Moore's show was good for the first two seasons, before it got bogged down in total bullshit with the plot devolving into "guess who's the next cylon in disguise!"

I would love to see a big screen reimagining that brought back some of the space opera flair of the original series. Too much gritty science fiction lately, I want something sweeping and majestic.

After watching the Ronald D. Moore version, I don't know if I could go back to another reboot. So many wonderful moments in that series... not to mention the memorable exploits of Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, President Roslin, etc. etc.

It's not that nothing good came out of Galactica 1980. I mean come on admit it. If they were to shoot a movie based more or less from the original series Kent McCord would be perfect in the Adama role.

What are you talking about Galactica 1980 was hilarious!

With the superbikes and the invisible spaceships and the weird group dynamic of a pile of kids being taken care of by a pair of space jocks.

I'd nearly watch it again if I could.


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