30 PAX East Attendees Explain Why They're Here - In Pictures

30 PAX East Attendees Explain Why They're Here - In Pictures

With our trusty whiteboard and marker, we asked PAX East 2014 attendees what brought them out to the show.

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Okay, I'll admit that the reason for number 12 gave me a little chuckle. Man I wish I could go to a PAX for once, but the closet one to me is PAX Prime, and sadly it's during school time.

Most of those were pretty mundane, but that Daft Punk cosplayer was awesome.

Jasper van Heycop:
Most of those were pretty mundane, but that Daft Punk cosplayer was awesome.

I like to think that was actually the real Thomas Bangalter casually chilling at PAX, just because he can.

oh god, that astronama cosplay hit the nostalgia spot right in the feels. Loved it.

I really wanna go to one of these some day.

What? No "It was either this or work" placards?

Sweet slideshow...

I'm sad I didn't see you guys there. My answer would have been:


Cause, ya know, games. But seriously, I have friends who go for just one reason or another. I want to go for EVERY reason. I want to play board games, card games, new video games, old video games, console games, arcade games. I want to go to all sorts of panels about all sorts of topics. I want swag. I want to demo/playtest unreleased stuff. I want to try out all the cool looking indy stuff. I definitely want to see Gabe and Tycho do something. I want to randomly run into Jerry on the show floor (like I did this year!) just to say, "oh hi!" I want to take the forum-organized PAX train up there so I can play games and meet new people for the trip to and from PAX. I want to go to all sorts of pre and post-pax parties and eat, drink, meet people, and play games with them. I want to randomly stumble onto some kind of esport going on with some top players for a game I don't really know, but can tell just how awesome they are at the game and how excited everyone around me is about it. I want to see awesome cosplay outfits. I want to buy some cool new game I just discovered or haven't been able to find elsewhere. I want to get at least 1-2 new geeky tees. I want to teach at least 2 groups of people how to play a game which I'm passionate about and get them excited about it. I want to randomly start playing games with people who I'm waiting on line next to, to see an awesome panel. I want to give far too much money to the cookie brigade and eat far too many awesome treats because of it. I want to go out to some awesome restaurants I know of right around PAX, which I only get to do once a year.

In other words, I want to PAX!

I gotta admit, I've got a real soft spot for the Martians and their outlandish yipping.

Might go to these one day. Never seen one up close before.


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