Candy Crush Dev: Microtransactions Are The Future of Games

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Yeah, absolutely, Tommy. All games should force the user to wait hours for lives/turns to regen, or be prohibitively difficult. All games should arbitrarily be damaged goods, then slowly restored to any sort of decent quality by the user.

Oh mah god, I want to see a first person shooter like this. Everyone gets twenty bullets per hour and a knife. Might as well take the miasma of free to play and pay to win tactics to it's most extreme.

I think he has a very narrow concept of what gaming is and what it includes. Perhaps within the mobile market Free to wait will become nearly ubiquitous, but for it to become the new standard for triple A developers is just nonsensical. If anything developers like Ubisoft are trying to push the initial cost of games UP not down to zero.

You know what? I hope he's right.

The indie gaming surge is freaking awesome, all sorts of genuinely new stuff and dead or near dead genres being reinvented. It's the normal cycle that business eventually pick up what small companies do and then use scale and marketing money to take over. I want to see a permanent the big money so fucked over by the greed of the people controlling it that this keeps going a while longer. So what if 95% of the country plays that shit, gaming was never truly popular before, the core market will just shift to indie and completely escape the executive meddling for a little while.

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