Leprechaun Reboot From WWE Still Happening

Leprechaun Reboot From WWE Still Happening


Teaser poster debuts for reboot of iconic horror series

WWE Films (currently riding high on the surprise success of its haunted-mirror flick Oculus) has released a teaser poster for it's long in-development feature Leprechaun: Origins, a reboot of the Leprechaun horror franchise being launched as a star-vehicle for WWE contract-player Dylan Postl, better known by his pro-wrestling moniker "Hornswoggle."

The original Leprechaun (best known for co-starring a pre-Friends Jennifer Anniston) was a low-budget horror spoof starring Warwick Davis as a vengeful Irish demon who stalks and murders a group of young people who steal coins from his magic pot of gold and can only be destroyed by a four leaf clover. The film became a surprise cult-hit in 1993, eventually spawning an impressive five sequels (all featuring Davis in the title role) including "Leprechaun 4: In Space" and two urban-set installments, "Leprechaun in The Hood" and "Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood."

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They better have that kid saying that "Fuck you, Luck Charms" line when he kills the leprechaun in the reboot, or else I'll be very disappointed.

Now, I want to see a Scholocktober Big Picture about Leprechaun.

Well not to put too fine a point on it, but most of the sequels sucked. So it's not like they're ruining anything sacred. I have to wonder what Warwick Davis thinks about this though, relief perhaps?

WWE should do Wishmaster next, talk about a series that went downhill fast and hard after the first installment.

Hmmm, well personally now that he's getting old and retiring I was kind of thinking they might want to do a horror movie based on and expanding on the mythology of "The Undertaker", minus all the pro-wrestling stuff. He's a big, creepy, dude and does the whole "malevolent supernatural being" thing well. Given how they tied Kane into it they could use him too (as you know Kane, he was actually less creepy when they tried to put him in a horror movie just playing some crazy dude).

I think "Oculus" succeeded because it was well put together and fairly "smart" in terms of how such things go, as well as having a good general cast of actors. The thing is "Leprechaun' is hardly a "smart" concept and succeeds largely due to being pure, ridiculous, cheese, without any kind of really serious undercurrents at all for the most part. I don't see it as being a success, if they want to get cheezy, I think they would do better trying a more serious form of it, using some of their guys who are living props if presented well, as opposed to some kind of 4' green guy who cackles a lot.

Did anyone else read WWE and think "Wtf does wrestling have to do with the Leprechaun movies?"

I had a vision of Warwick Davis, in full costume taking on The Undertaker...


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