The Elder Scrolls Online "Dupe Bug" Takes Guild Banks Offline - Update

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Why are they banning those people? There's been a lot of bugs like this in WOW since i played it and i can't remember them banning a huge number of the playerbase. They usually just take your items and gold and whatever you got from the bug (which is the right way to do). I don't really exploit glitches(i'm too nice for that shit) but i can understand people that do. It's something the dev fucked up especially if it's a bug that's been there in the beta.

If you download programs or hacks (like the GCD hack in wow) then go fuck yourself and hope you get banned for a lifetime

Zenimax, I say this as a friendly bit of advice:
*Never* rely on the "Honor System" to enforce rules that are supposed to be in coding.
Ultimately, it only hurts the population of your game, and your reputation.


One other take away from this is Zenimax and TESO apparently did not build in a more modern set of monitoring tools and feedback loops to prevent this sort of thing.


With TESO this has obviously been in game and been active since the last several weeks of Beta testing. So it's been in play for several weeks of live game. That's a pretty good hint that managements monitoring tools are minimal and not up to task.

I agree, to some extent. I am not a fan of security through obscurity.

However I know how hard it can be to find a bug, especially in multi-threaded, real-time systems.

I have spent 3 months on a small code base (250,000 lines) trying to find a bug (ESO would be in the millions, if not 10's of millions of lines).

In the end I moved 2 lines (not changing a single character) and the bug was fixed.

That is kind of my point. It is very hard to find a bug. To go through the code and try and pin down a reported error. BUT it is incredibly easy to monitor a live game, if you took the time expense and effort to put the proper tools in place to begin with. You can't track every bit of code behavior. But when you are just eyeballing it that's what you are doing. You can however log everything, and run constant analysis. watch certain key metrics for player behavior. Know how much gold it should be possible to enter into your game world in one day. Know how much is in fact being produced. Have alarms go off if category B exceeds category A. The back end management tools are the hidden secrets of MMO's and other online games. They are what differentiate a solid popular well balanced FPS from an exploit and cheater driven mess. They are a key element of what make an MMO a polished fun experience vs one that leaves that impression of "not quite ready for release" and they are the most often overlooked, underfunded, or neglected piece of a new entry into the market as they race to hit a release deadline.

Man half the fun of an starting MMO is the crazy economy at the beginning and finding ways to make tons of money, Legitimately...

If you duped an Item or two by accident, fine, if you did it hundreds of times, you deserve to be banned or at least everything but the very basic equipment taking away from your character.

I don't get why people are trying to defend it, Exploiting a bug is still cheating and I haven't seen a single terms of service of a MMO that hasn't outright stated that Exploiting bugs will get you banned.

If anything this game will soon to be Free to play banning a decent amount of your paying customers tho.

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