Adventure Time Gets Guest-Animated Episode From Anime Artist

Adventure Time Gets Guest-Animated Episode From Anime Artist

The short preview snippet shows off Masaaki Yuasa's wild free-flowing style.

Adventure Time fans who are also into Anime are in for a treat this month, as the Wondercon 2014 Adventure Time panel has revealed that anime artist Masaaki Yuasa (Samurai Champloo, Ping Pong, Kick-heart) will be guest animating a full episode of the show. The episode, entitled "food chain" follows Finn and Jake as they join a field trip to the Candy Kingdom Museum of Natural History.

A sneak-peak for the episode is available to the right, and it shows off Yuasa's signature wild free-flowing style - quite a departure from your traditional Adventure Time episode. The episode was reportedly done with no outside supervision from the American Adventure Time team, and was animated in Japan by Yuasa and (presumably) Tatsunoko Productions.

For purists of the show, you'll be relieved to know that the episode will be strictly "non-canon", and won't fit into the ever expanding Adventure Time lore.

Adventure Time has been gaining a lot of popularity over in Japan, as it's an American cartoon that has an almost anime feel to it - especially in the way that most episodes contribute to an over-arching season plot. It's certainly very cool to see collaborations like this, and hopefully we will see more in the future.

Source: Japanator



The fact that Uncle Grampa was amongst those other great characters in the intro is a fucking travesty.

I've never seen a single frame of Adventure Time, but this looks pretty freaky, in an awesome kind of way.

*insert obligatory Adventure Time Catchphrase Here*

I've only seen a few episodes of adventure time. But how does the art style differ from the rest of the show...?

Victim of Progress:
I've only seen a few episodes of adventure time. But how does the art style differ from the rest of the show...?

This animation flows a bit better it's also a bit more exaggerated, has less defined lines on the characters, and more simplistic backgrounds but the character designs are mostly the same, (I think that bird design might be unique to this style).

Hm... I like the art style and animation, but the end of this clip made me go "...What?"

Though it would be interesting to see different artists taking an occasional episode...

There were a few things I took note of immediately:

First, having just rewatched some of the older episodes, all I can say is damn has Finn's voice changed. I knew it sounded different, but not THAT different. Guess you can't stop puberty.

Second, the setup seemed kind of tame for an Adventure Time episode... at first. At the 2:15 mark, I did a serious double-take and said aloud "What the...?" It is just so surreal and random, even by normal Adventure Time standards. It seems like children's television is becoming more surreal with each passing day.

How is this show so awesome?!? I can't think of a single episode that didn't surprise me.

Fucking fantasic, I'm all kinds of down for this.
The animation is pretty great in the preview but that music sequences overshadowed it and is most likely going to be one of my favorite Adventure Time moments for quite sometime.

I like this very much.
When's it going to be aired?

This would be the second Adventure Time episode to be done in a different style to the show itself, I think... The first was computer-generated and it had the ending theme song done by Flying Lotus...

Yeah... I already know I'm going to enjoy the glob out of this upcoming episode...

Ehhhhhhh, the writing was weak and just kind of silly. Didn't capture the Adventure Time spirit, and it just made me cringe a bit when they turned into birds. WTF was that? It was horrifically cheesy. That being but who else could really capture the Adventure Time spirit? It's utterly unique.

Loved it.

It's very neat seeing a different art style for the show to be put into. Would be neat to see them allow further artists to give a shot at the show and have it set into a series of non-canon/random artist dvd or something.

The only thing unexpected to me, in that video, was the Mozart's Magic Flute reference. Especially so by how random the music choice and that animation sequence are.


The fact that Uncle Grampa was amongst those other great characters in the intro is a fucking travesty.

uhmm im not the only one who dislikes that show...

anyways that episode already looks prety damn great, love the fluidity of the animation

Wow, that was out of left field. Still pretty excited, since Yuasa's stuff all looks pretty fun to watch. I don't know anything about analyzing art, but what he draws sticks with me. Plus Adventure Time is at its best when magic man is around.

Edit: Welp, I messed up.

Considering that he did Meet The Yamada and also one off episode in Samurai Champloo and Wakfu and aswell liking the preview. I will be eagerly awaiting this episode.

I missed the episode's first airing I guess. Just heard about this now, and while it doesn't quite match the adventure time style, it's pretty cool for a guest artist's work. As far as creativity goes though, I'd say the 3D episode about Ice King's computer virus was the most well-executed concept in the show. I'm gonna look for the full episode on this anyways.


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