Next Ace Attorney Set in Meiji Era Japan with New Character

Next Ace Attorney Set in Meiji Era Japan with New Character

Ace Attorney director Shu Takumi is back and intends to take the series to Japan's Meiji Era.

Scans from the upcoming issue of Famitsu tease the next Ace Attorney game. The leaked picture shows a young man as a new character with a sword at his hip. The game reportedly takes place in Japan's Meiji Era.

Ace Attorney director was not involved with the most recent title, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, but he's returning for the next game, tentatively titled Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke (Grand Turnabout Trial - The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke) for the 3DS. The title was vaguely teased in an earlier Japanese Nintendo Direct when Takumi indicated this game will move in a completely different direction.

Capcom may have a difficult time with the localization should it bring the title to North America and Europe. The company has changed some things for localization in the past, but with the next entry firmly taking place in a historical period that many Westerners do not study, Capcom may have some difficulties ahead should the game be released in the West.

Famitsu will have more details about the game, as well as an interview with Takumi. There's little to go on now, but with the character's spiky hair, he could be related somehow to Ace Attorney's Phoenix Wright. Or maybe the team just really likes spiky haired protagonists.

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I can already hear the localization team sobbing loudly.

I'm happy with this, although the choice of exact era is a bit baffling. Phoenix Wright was a wonderful character, his character arc is well and truly rounded out perfectly after Dual Destinies or even simply Trials and Tribulations and there's not much left to do there, unless they want to focus on Athena but that is a bit shaky because DD is practically a big exercise in Athena maybe or maybe not having mental breakdowns and how she gets over it.

I have no idea what this mystical era of Japanese history is but the localisation team must be in hysterics. If they manage it it should be pretty interesting.

Also they better not region lock it for no reason because I have the worst feeling that the EU release is just going to go the old route of lagging a year behind everyone else.

I believe he's Nick's ancestor. Also I think this is a spin-off game, not Ace Attorney 6.

That sounds cool, but I am really worried that the localisation will go crazy way or AAI2 way. And I don't like these ways. It seems to me, a spin-off in the past was partly covered by Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. I would like to see one in the future, with robo-judge and shit (yes, I know that technically AA series IS in the future, but only because it states so, technology is rather meh)

Okay now this is just mean

Maybe say its in Hawaii and is Japan month?

Definitely Phoenix's ancestor, seeing as in the Japanese version, he has the same surname (Naruhodou). Could be interesting, the Meiji era was a time of legal upheaval due to the mass westernisation of Japan.

I can see how localization may be a problem with this game seeing as many of us (myself included) don't have as much knowledge of Asian and Japanese history. The new game can presents a unique opportunity, they can translate the game to English and other languages and provide a codex with more information on the topics and references. If they don't remove the historical events and references this can become a good educational medium.

I can already hear the localization team sobbing loudly.

I don't think it would be that bad. They can easily turn this into an opportunity to educate players.

Yeah playing Raidou Kuzunoha right now snd I see why they can't just look at how Atlus handles this stuff.

This guy is really reminding me of the demi-fiend from smt: Nocturne mixed with raidou kuzunoha's clothing.

I expected the next ace attorney game to be a direct sequel to dual destinies, since that game has one very big plot thread left hanging, even if that clearly isn't the case it still looks pretty interesting.

I am curious what the general fan reaction is going to be, considering the reaction to apollo justice probably negative.

they can just pretend they're in colonial america or something

eat your hamburgers apollo

they can just pretend they're in colonial america or something

eat your hamburgers apollo

dammit i wanted to post this

I'm a history student at uni who specializes in early modern Japanese and Chinese history.
*leans back smugly*

To give a brief low-down: The Meiji period was the period following the Meiji Restoration, which saw the Shogunate (which had ruled for approx 300 years and was Japan's longest government) overthrown and Emperor Meiji restored to power. The period was a time of rapid industrialization and westernization of the Japanese military because they were tired of being bullied by Western powers (and they were worried that what happened to China during the Opium wars would happen to them). It was also a time of culture clash as old traditions met new ideas, and rationalization began to question existing faiths and beliefs. The period saw Japan rise from being the victim of unfair treaties to becoming a power on the global stage that the Europeans saw as their equals.

In truth localisation teams shouldn't have that much of a hard time. It's a less known part of history for sure, but it's not too different from more familiar times of rapid intellectual and military change.


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