Lytro Goes Premium with New $1,499 Illum Camera

Lytro Goes Premium with New $1,499 Illum Camera

Lytro Illum Camera 310x

Lytro pairs its latest light-field sensor with a 30-255mm f/2.0 lens.

The original Lytro light field digital camera is a nifty little gadget, combining an interesting, flexible photography method with a small, stylish form factor. At $199, it's not prohibitively expensive...but it's not a tool with professionals in mind, either.

Now that smartphones the world 'round are baking image refocusing software into their camera packages, Lytro had to go on the offensive. Its new Illum camera is the opening salvo in that offensive, and it's an expensive one at $1,499.

The Illum uses the same kind of tech found in the original Lytro camera, but expanded. The sensor is 40 megarays, compared to the original's 11, and it should make for larger, more detailed interactive photos. Furthermore, the sensor is now paired with a very capable 30-255mm f/2.0 lens, giving prosumer and professional shooters some decent glass to play with.

All of the camera tech is paired with a four-inch touchscreen, and the whole kit is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 804 processor.

At $1,499 ($1,599 if you don't pre-order), the Illum is right in Canon 7D territory, and it should be shipping in July. Head on over to the Lytro Illum pre-order page to check out some of the interactive photos taken with the Illum, too.


That's REALLY nuts, for a freaking camera.

I guess I'm not the targeted audience.

You forgot to label this ad also.

Well... The Escapist has to make money too. As long as the Ads are that obvious I dont need it to be labeled as one.
On another note: this thing is worth more than my car.

Being able to refocus photos after taking them is a cool idea, but this camera won't really have shallow enough Depth of Field to take advantage of the effect.

At that price, I'd assume most people would just get a DSLR and be done with it.

30-255mm f/2.0 lens
If that is not just mumbojumbo, I need this lens for my DSLR...

30-255mm f/2.0 lens
If that is not just mumbojumbo, I need this lens for my DSLR...

Not mumbo jumbo, but rather taking advantage of a smaller sensor which changes the equivalent focal length. Put this lens on a DSLR and you'll have something not much better than a typical kit zoom.


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