Watch A Live Q&A With the Dungeons & Dragons Next Team

Watch A Live Q&A With the Dungeons & Dragons Next Team

Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons Next team is answering questions live, and you can watch it right here on The Escapist.

The D&D Next design team will be answering a suite of questions about the new edition live Friday April 25th. Dungeons & Dragons Next is the newest If you'd like to submit one, they're taking them both via chat and via Twitter. The stream will feature Dungeons & Dragons designers Mike Mearls, Rodney Thompson, and Chris Perkins.

The D&D team has recently been quite active, with the leak of the D&D Next launch date and the interesting new D&D details revealed at PAX East. If you're looking for question inspiration, those are good places to start.

Update: The livestream has concluded, but you can still watch it right here.

Dungeons & Dragons Next is the newest edition of the venerable tabletop roleplaying game. After an extensive open beta period where players contributed feedback, the game went into closed development primed for release later this year. The new edition touts its speed of play, ease of character creation, and friendliness to new Dungeon Masters.


The concluded stream aint loading for me sadly :(

I am quite excited to see the finished product, was hoping to get a chance to play it at UK Games Expo this May though spots to the Next games were gone in moments of the applications going live!


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