Destiny Reveals GameStop Preorder Bonus and New Gameplay Trailer

Destiny Reveals GameStop Preorder Bonus and New Gameplay Trailer

It's a double dose of Destiny, with a brand-new "Strike" gameplay trailer and a preorder bonus you can only get from GameStop.

"Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship, we've located the House of the Devils' Lair." It sounds like a cross between Tolkien and Mad Max but it is in fact the setup for Bungie's new Destiny gameplay trailer, a seven-minute look at three heavily-armed dudes hammering through the bad guys.

There's still lots of time before Destiny launches so it would be unreasonable and unfair to be too critical of it now, but I can't say that I saw anything in the trailer that made me want to leap out of my chair and rush out to preorder it. It all seems very conventional and even generic, and when the "hold off an onrushing horde while I hack this door" moment arrived, I (figuratively) yawned.

If I was inclined to jump out of my chair and rush out to preorder it, however, the great likelihood is that I'd be heading over to GameStop to do it, even though GameStops are virtually non-existent outside the major population centers in my homeland of South Canuckistan. Why? Because GameStop, as it often does, is offering an exclusive preorder bonus: the Upgraded Sparrow!

"This in-game, customized, red-colored personal-transport features an upgraded boost, faster speed, and higher durability than the standard Sparrow," the PR says. "The Exclusive Upgraded Sparrow will put GameStop's Power Up Rewards members ahead of the game when Destiny launches on September 9."

I'd expect that the upgraded Sparrow will be made available to all at some point too, but that remains to be seen. For now, if you want one, you'd best do your shopping at GameStop.

Destiny comes out on September 9 (which you may have already noticed) for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


Great, now I am reminded to upgrade my pc in the future assuming if it coming to the pc at some point or now (probably will).

Damn, this new Halo's looking pretty good.

Scarim Coral:
Great, now I am reminded to upgrade my pc in the future assuming if it coming to the pc at some point or now (probably will).

I wouldn't bet on that. Activision is publishing Destiny and that company is notoriously anti-PC. It probably even convinced Blizzard to turn Diablo III into a console game.

That was not the best bit of gameplay for them to show off I'd say. Looked boring as shit.

Looked like a really bland mix of Halo and Borderlands.

Well there goes all my interest in Destiny.

Gotta agree with the article, generic shooter look and feel, health bars in a shooter indicating that you will be facing the same enemies over and over with stats leveling with yours. Floating damage particle effects and disappearing enemies mean we won't often get fun rag-dolls like halo or the feeling of actually damaging an enemy like in gears of war(not a great example admittedly but I believe you get my point now). much for my hype there. I know it's one scripted gameplay trailer but I doubt that the items listed above are going to change this late into development. Unfortunate signs to take a few steps back from what I, like many others, couldn't wait to see more off not too long ago.

Oh God, those gun sounds. Why would you ever do that. They could not be any weaker. And like everyone else has said who has seen Destiny gameplay, it looks painfully boring. I swear I've played this game dozens of times already. What part of that trailer was meant to convince me to buy Destiny?

I want to be excited for this. I truly do, seeing as I'm generally a fan of Bungie's endeavors. I really, really want to be excited for this game. But, the more I see of Destiny the less interested I become.

The look and overall design of the characters, weapons, and settings feel like they've been ripped straight from Halo. There's so little that differentiates Destiny from it that you could splice clips from Destiny into a Halo video and you likely couldn't tell the difference. Hell, that moment where the player deploys the 'ghost' I immediately thought it was a pointer version of 343 Guilty Spark.

I'm also noticing they're still placing the aim reticule almost half way down from the center of the screen. It feels like Bungie's been lowering it more and more with each new game release since Halo:CE.

I don't know. Maybe once I finally get to play it it'll win me over, but for now it's just not 'wooing' me like I'd hoped.

As for the pre-order, I tend to frown upon any "pre-order bonus" that grants a marked improvement or advantage against those that don't pre-order from that particular store. It just feels like scummy business.

I probably should have mentioned in the post that I thought Halo was boring as hell too - so boring that I actually quit playing rather than having to fight through the goddamned Library again. On the other hand, I'm not hearing many dissenting opinions...

When Destiny was first announced, I was very much interested, the design looked fresh and reminded me more of Marathon than Halo, but after a while it looked more like halo with capes. After the "No certain PC release" announcement, I pretty much lost any interest in the game, but still kept it on my "might be interesting to follow" list. But this? I yawned my way through it all. The music was repetitive, the "you're grinding an MMO" feeling was there all the way. Health bars on enemies? Third person magic attacks? I just feel so underwhelmed for some reason.

"Fallen and Hive, let's hope we can avoid the crossfire"
*runs in guns blazing placing all three allied units in between Fallen and Hive troops*

But yeah this looks kind of dull. If it comes out on PC and doesn't end up costing that much I might check it out, but I've played Borderlands and I've played Halo, and they both seem to do what this game is advertising better.

Wow, once again giving gamestop exclusive preorder bonus and not even mentioning any other retailer. Precisely why I'm sick of hearing game companies whine about used game sales. They favor gamestop above any other retailer.

Environment looks awesome but seems to be linear and nonstrategic
Those enemies have terrible AI, were weak and generic.
Its seems a waste of such a fantastical setting if you just kills waves of mindless gun welding enemies with your gun.
That lightning floaty death animation looked terrible and unnecessary, combined with such weak enemies makes game look like its all flash and no substance.

I realize this is just a pre-release trailer but it doesn't seem encouraging. The players played exactly like the AI, running and gunning without thought, regardless of class. Where was the tactics, stealth, assassinations, teamwork or interesting abilities?

Looks like any Shooter from the last decade but at least you can be generic in Coop. I got Destiny for free during an Amazon buy 3 pay 2 Sale, otherwise I would probably never got it. Especially because I hate to play a shooter with a controller and Bungie won´t give us mouse support i suppose.


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