DC Announces Batman Day in July

DC Announces Batman Day in July

Detective Comics 27

On July 23rd DC Comics will be releasing a variety of special promotional materials to celebrate the caped crusader.

By most accounts Batman is a pretty cool superhero. This is, in no small part because of his alter ego's ability to buy all the cool gizmos and gadgets that a justice-minded vigilante could ever want. That said, there are a few things old Bats doesn't have and standing tall among them is a day dedicated to his celebration.

Granted, there are a few gifts the caped crusader would probably prefer to an official Batman Day (parents for one), but when you get down to it'd be hard for even the grimmest of grim superheroes to complain about people taking a day to appreciate his existence. That said, Bat-fans may want to mark their calendars because DC Comics has decided to give the beloved crime fighter just that.

As a part of the company's ongoing celebration of the character's 75th anniversary, DC Comics has declared July 23rd to be Batman Day. In turn, the publisher will be treating fans a to a variety of Bat-themed goodies that will be made available through participating comic retailers. Among the day's the collectibles will be a special ussue of Detective Comics 27 featuring a modern retelling of The Case of the Chemical Syndicate. The company will also offer a variety of other gifts including capes, and four Batman masks designed by artist Ryan Sook based on the characters' various historical iterations. In other words, if you'd fancy a chance to go strutting around the street in a Frank Miller Batman mask, be sure to visit your local comic store come July.

Source: IGN


Batman day? The way DC acts sometimes you would think that every day was Batman day.

Every day IS Batman day. DC just wants you to spend more money on Batman stuff on a specific day. Please don't fall for this crap.

Dammit! I'm celebrating Batman Day too early by staying awake all night, standing on the roof of a stranger's house, and watching the streets to see if any criminals need a good "talk to" by BATMAN himself!

Oh look... My neighborhood "Gordon" is telling me put up my hands where he can see them... I know where this is going...


*jumps off roof*

OT: Awesome, I guess? I mean, I thought "Batman Day" was a year-long event... excluding the "money-making possibilities"...

Remember, in honor of Batman Day, everyone should spend at least five minutes perched on a gargoyle brooding over their murdered parents, and punch at least one evil-doer in the face.

Everyone should spend a little time talking like Kevin Conroy on Batman Day, sort of like Talk Like A Pirate Day, only Batman.

Fine, then the 24th of June is offically...

Putowtin day!

Rejoice that I am on earth with a hearty drink.... and buy my merchandise!

greedy blood-suck leaches... arn't you making enough money!

You know, I was just thinking, "DC doesn't push Batman enough. Sure, I'm so sick of him that I never want to hear about him again, but there's still this nagging awareness that DC publishes other things. How can DC correct that?"

I won't buy any merchandise.


But that doesn't mean I can't replay Arkham Asylum.



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