Report: More Star Wars Cast Announcements To Come

Report: More Star Wars Cast Announcements To Come

Okay, anybody know who Daisy Ridley is? Anybody?

After a couple millennia's worth of teases, rumors and speculation, the Star Wars Episode VII cast has finally been announced. Is it a definitive list? Well, possibly not, at least according to the Hollywood Reporter. It's thought that J.J. Abrams has at least one more cast announcement up his sleeve, and it's a female role. As for who, and where in the continuity the character fits in, your guess is as good as anyone's.

There was some loose talk about Ben Kenobi's descendant a short while back; Maisie Richardson-Sellers might still be in the running, if the current rumor's true. At least the inclusion of another female role, if it happens, will brighten up what's otherwise a male-heavy cast list.

On a different note, anybody know who Daisy Ridley is? She's the one member of the current cast with the least history. Her IMDB is slightly more substantial than Maisie's, but not by much; some TV roles and short subjects, for the most part. The producers of yet-to-release indie horror movie Scrawl must be screaming with joy right about now; you can't buy that kind of publicity. There's a showreel for that over here if you're interested - some violence, be careful if you're at work - where you can briefly see Daisy in action.

But if you were hoping to find out anything else about her, forget it; her showreel's been pulled from the net, her Twitter's dead, and her agent is playing dumb. So, will she play Chewbacca's long lost cousin Sue? Who can say? Apart from J.J. Abrams, of course.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


Not sure why they are going with relative unknowns, maybe to save money for the lens flares, err... special effects? $10 says she is the daughter of Han and Leia.

Maybe it's in light of the fact they killed the Expanded Universe, for all it's faults it had some truly exceptional stories or that it's being directed by Mr Lens Flare, but I am not excited for the new movies. In fact, I may end up skipping them altogether.

Not sure why they are going with relative unknowns, maybe to save money for the lens flares, err... special effects? $10 says she is the daughter of Han and Leia.

Most of the original trilogy actors were relative unknowns back in '77. The big name stars were Sirs Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing.

"Crap. Guys, the internet and the fans are up in arms over the fact that we only have one female character. J.J., do something."
"On it. We'll just add another character who will actually really only have a vague supporting role in the film."

Anyway, that girl can totally be Jaina Solo. That was my first thought when I saw her picture. Assuming, of course, that Jaina still exists. Why yes, I am still very upset over what they did. Whatever made you guess?

I think it's actually a good idea they get relative unknowns. If they had cast the Rock, or Ben Affleck or something, nobody would see the characters - it'd just be "the Rock" or "Ben Affleck."

Wow ... another female role ... way to be edgy JJ. Couldn't they, maybe, said this in the first announcement? Not a good sign to me but still have faith.

More Star Wars Cast Announcements to come, you say? Well, I'll be damned, I really thought they would shoot the whole thing with mannequins and puppets! /sarcasm

OT: Gotta love the entertainment industry announcing that there will be announcements coming about people being hired to make a movie that is yet to be shot, then post produced and eventually released (if the world doesn't end by then).

I do understand, it is Star Wars, it's a big deal... It's newsworthy... I just wish we could turn it off sometimes... How about being delightfully surprised by something without knowing every nook and cranny about how it was made?


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