Lovecraftian Indie Film The Color Out of Space Free To Watch Till May 5th

Lovecraftian Indie Film The Color Out of Space Free To Watch Till May 5th

If you like Die Farbe, why not kick in for a Dreamlands movie?

If you're a Lovecraft fan, then you know that film adaptations of his atmospheric fictional worlds are, at best, a mixed bag. Then a couple years back along came some German independent film makers who put together Die Farbe, an adaptation of eerie sci-fi creepshow The Color Out of Space, and it was good. So good. So very, very good. Even Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi called it "the best Lovecraftian film ever made." Except there was one small problem: unless you ordered it from Germany, the odds of you actually seeing it were somewhat low. At least until now, because Die Farbe has been released, for free, on YouTube, and will be up there until May 5th.

It's all to promote the filmmakers' latest project, Dreamlands, hence the trailer you see here. The team's looking for €140,000 and is already a quarter of the way there, with over a month's IndieGoGo crowdfunding to go. What you're looking at here is the first teaser trailer, The Awakening. There are two others, Storm in the Night, and Into the Abyss.

The Color out of Space, for those not familiar with the tale, revolves around a mysterious meteorite that falls to earth, bringing with it the awful thing that cannot quite be seen, but which leeches life from everything nearby. Die Farbe takes the story from its New England roots and sets it in post-war Germany, just as weary soldiers are returning home. An American officer involved in the search for old Nazis goes missing, and his son comes to Germany to look for him.

What happens next? Don't ask me; watch the film. I will say that, as someone who's seen it and loved it, if you've ever wondered whether someone would finally get a Lovecraft film adaptation right, these guys did. Enjoy!


Interesting, I'll definitely check it out.

Very nice, definitely interested. Will someone hit me with a "Shut up and take my money" sign, please?

I watched the film, Oh. My God...

I utterly and completely loved their Colour Out Of Space work and from the looks of things they have a beautiful vision for how these kinds of eldritch horror stories work.

Now excuse me while I rummage through the mangled remnants of my savings after college fees to give them my money.

I saw this article and immediately watched the film a few minutes ago. It was great, except for the bit at the very end which was confusing. I was already a fan of the original story though.


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