Pokemon Art Academy Teaches You to Draw 100 Different 'Mons

Pokemon Art Academy Teaches You to Draw 100 Different 'Mons

The new 3DS Pokemon spin-off features 40 drawing lessons ranging from beginner to expert.

If there's one thing we've learned about the touch-screens on Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U tablet, it's that some crazy-good artists can use them to make some amazing works of art. So it should come as no surprise that the just-announced Pokemon Art Academy aims to help budding touch-screen artists by teaching them how to draw Pokemon. Neat.

While the game does of course have a free painting mode, its main attraction is the 40+ lessons in how to draw the adorable fighting monsters, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulties, starting with tasks as simple as tracing over outlines. The video to the right, while in Japanese, should at least give you an idea of how the game will work.

The game features a full array of pens, paints, and sprays, and can even act as a handy reference book, with illustrations of over 100 different Pokemon that can be loaded into the top screen as you work on the bottom.

What's more, you can actually use the 3DS's built in 3D camera to take a picture of something (such as a Pokemon figure) to reproduce and use as a model instead.

And, as a final little touch, when you complete a drawing and save it into your album, it becomes a Pokemon card, that can be sent wirelessly to friends or uploaded to the Miiverse!

Pokemon Art Academy is set for both physical and download release in Japan on June 19, with a price of 3,619 yen (US$35.50). No US release date has been announced as of yet.

Source: Rocket News 24


I'm glad there is a lesson on how to draw Voltorb. Even Vermeer would break an easel or two trying to draw one.

It would be interesting if Ninty made this a new franchise of games and included more of their characters in future installments (if not DLC).

Looks pretty cool. I didn't understand a word, but the visuals said it all. If it ever comes to UK, I'll definitely check it out. I can draw Pokemon, but not amazingly. It'd be great to improve.

Pokemon Art Academy Teaches You to Draw 100 Different 'Mons

Do I just have a dirty mind, or does that sound incredibly inappropriate?

Why only 100?
memory is no longer an issue and all 600+ critters are already illustrated so why only 100?

I would consider getting it if they had all 700+ Pokemon available to draw. Still a neat idea for those who would be interested in learning to draw Pokemon.


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