TMNT Toys Reveal Splinter and The Shredder

TMNT Toys Reveal Splinter and The Shredder


"I'll bet it never has to look for a can opener."

Movie studios creating new versions of classic characters often prefer to reveal overhauled designs on a gradual basis, to create tension and keep fans guessing. Toy companies, on the other hand, generally want retailers to know what they'll be able to order as soon as possible. Sometimes those interests collide, and we end up seeing things earlier than usual, which has now happened for Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

An official group shot from action figure titan Playmates (a company that was effectively built on the success of the TMNT brand) has revealed the looks of all the major (known) characters in the film; including the first clear depictions of the new Shredder (William Fichtner) and Master Splinter (Tony Shalhoub.)

Neither character appears to be as radical of a redesign as any of the Turtles were. Splinter seems to be shaped more like the version currently seen in the Nickelodeon animated series, but with gray fur instead of brown. Shredder, meanwhile, appears to remain a human wearing a suit of modified samurai armor (infamous early scripts had him as a metal-skinned alien creature disguised as a human named "Colonel Schrader,") but with a design impetus that amounts to "Put more knives on it." If nothing else, he looks more like Eastman and Laird's initial "human cheese-grater" inspiration than any other - even his cape is made of knives.

TMNT is due in theaters August 8th, 2014.

Source: MovieWeb


Wow... Splinter looks hideous. They couldn't bother to give him a forward stare, nope wall eyed stare works better. Also fu manchu and top knot, just in case we hadn't hit all of our asian stereotypes.

It would seem that there is such a thing as being too shreddy. A cape with blades sewn into it...careful now.

As for Splinter...I can't.

EDIT: All I could think of after looking at Shredder was "Samurai death cricket".

To their credit, Shredder does actually look like the inside of a paper shredder. So at least they have that going for them. Kids like office products right?

Wow Splinter looks derpy as hell. And Shredder...well he's always looked ridiculous, so nothing new there.

Wow... Splinter looks hideous. They couldn't bother to give him a forward stare

Well, it is Tony Shalhoub.

For my money, I think the cape of knives is a bad idea. I mean, think about how easy it would be to accidentally cut yourself?

I feel like a lot of the modern versions of Splinter are overthinking his design. I think they focus on him being more stretched and conical than the broad, almost dog-like face earlier depictions had - I don't know, maybe the latter makes look more friendly?

While those Action Figures look positively hideous, for me that's more the "craftmanship" than the character design.
The designs are OK. Nothing to write home about, but OK. And they compare REALLY favourable to the awful turtles redesign.

Shredder just looks like a human version of Michael Bay's Megatron:

Gray, bland, and way too over-designed.

Okay, how does Shredder not cut his arms on that cape? And why does Splinter's nose look like a vagina? That is his nose, right?

that topknot on splinter reminds me of futurama

"Damnit kif where's the little umbrella, that's what makes it a scotch on the rocks."

how else would we know the rat is Asian.

I'm not really excited about either design...but a cape made of knives is brilliant! I'm surprised nobody has thought of it before. Why WOULDN'T the Shredder have a cape made of knives?!

Ah, the art aesthetics of Michael Bay movies: putting style above other little concerns (logic, good taste, functionality, etc.)

I'll agree with the others. Splinter looks ugly, but, then again, so do the turtles in this movie. X__X

Also, how the hell does Shredder put on that suit without slicing himself to ribbons?

Yeah, the fu-man-chu,and top knot are just overkill. Lore, and clothes should've been enough. Hell, his name. I mean c'mon!

Shredder's cape is cool. I wonder if he'll use it as a weapon?

More interested in the inevitably shortpacked April O'Niel, honestly. :P

Figures might have some nice articulation. Hopefully all the characters will.

Eh... I'll wait until I see the commercial where the kid of the appropriate age group role-plays with then, reenacting scenes that may or may not be in the movie itself, before I lay judgement on their overall design...

What can I say? I rather see then in action than to see a still image of them...

why does shredders mask remind so much of predator? they look hideous.

lets be fair they are actionfigures....they don't always represent their subjects that well

Well, it's not the first we've seen of Shredder (pic in spoiler) and he appeared briefly in the trailer too. Way too over-designed - scale it back a bit. Splinter looks fine though. Not great, but ok.

Shredder just looks like a human version of Michael Bay's Megatron:

I'd argue he doesn't even look human anymore. Like a robot or something... in disguis-GODDAMNIT Michael Bay!

Still totally excited for this movie though. :D

Splinter seems to be shaped more like the version currently seen in the Nickelodeon animated series, but with gray fur instead of brown.

He really doesn't.

I'll join the chorus and say the cape of knives is pretty nifty though entirely silly. Every other aspect of the designs is bloody ugly and/or insulting.

Bring on the fan rage(!)

They're both hideous.
The new Shredder design hurts me more because I always thought that his older look (ninja-esque) is cool.
But there's nothing left of that. He's just ridiculous.
Really makes me wonder what idiots came up with and approved this design.

The lead designer for this project needs to be fired. Joe Bonham can do better than this.

Is the Shredder a cybory or something? He got human looking arm but his lower half is blocky and machine like!

Splinter looks like he'd take breaks out of his wise speeches to chew furnature.
"...M-master?" "D-derp?"

For both the heads are HIDEOUS. Especially Splinter's look... if you put him in a corner and all he'd do is drool and stare I'd believe it, sadly. And the Shredder's helmet is stupid. Some kind of skull like design? Wow, we've only seen the "skull's are scary!" bit bazillions of times. :'(

shredder now faces his one true enemy: curtains


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