The Last of Us Takes a Turn for the Plastic With Custom Action Figures

The Last of Us Takes a Turn for the Plastic With Custom Action Figures

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Figure World user Christinacxxx has recreated The Last of Us's Joel and Ellie as pose-able action figures.

I am not a hardcore collector. Don't get me wrong, I do have a collection of sorts, but it's more of an informal hodgepodge of Star Wars vehicles, Beast Wars toys and random bits of nostalgia than anything else. My method basic method for acquiring new items is usually just walking into the local collectible's store and looking around until I find something cheap and cool. That being the case, I can safely say that I'd be willing to ditch the "cheap" part if I had a chance to bring home a pair of custom Last of Us action figures recently crafted by an enterprising fan.

The figures in question were made by Christinacxxx, a member of the action figure site Figure Realm. Setting herself to the task of recreating the game's protagonists, Christina produced a home made version of Ellie back in April and a custom version of Joel earlier this month. According to the Christina, she was "compelled" to make her Ellie model after she "fell in love with her character" during her playthrough of The Last of Us. Her build of Joel, in turn, was prompted by that same adoration for the game. The figures themselves were pieced together from a variety of "fodder" pieces drawn from other existing figures as well as specially sculpted additions that Christina made on her own. She also fashioned a custom Clicker to go along with her Ellie.

While the figures' faces perhaps aren't perfect matches to the source material, these personally struck me as being fairly impressive recreations of the characters from the games. Maybe that's just me, though. Take a look at them yourself and let us know what you think. Are these picture perfect replicas of Ellie and Joel or has Christinacxxx missed the mark in her attempt to plastify the grim grit and gore of The Last of Us?

Source: Figure Realm


Both figures look really good except for the face. Joel's is close, though maybe a little cartoony in appearance. Ellie, however, looks more like Lara Croft than Ellie. The articulation of both figures, and the Clicker, is well done though, from the photos.

I don't know how to say this without possibly offending someone so I'm just going to say it and hope that people don't take it the wrong way...

Joel's face is a little off but I think he looks fine.

Ellie's face looks really Asian. Her skin is weirdly tight on the face and her eyes look half closed (basically, her face looks like a "realistic" anime character). Lara Croft (as the poster above stated) would be another good way to describe it (if Croft was having allergy problems and so she was squinting a bit)

Way better than I could ever do and I would buy the hell out of them if I saw one in the store :D


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